Recipe: Vietnamese Springrolls

I finally looked through the pictures I took while Ivan was making me dinner last week, are you guys ready for the recipe? This is without a doubt one of the best meals I’ve ever had. The different flavors and textures made the most heavenly combination, we’re talking major foodgasms. Ivan is half Vietnamese and of course knows how to make this for real (my way of making springrolls is usually buying a frozen pack of them and heating them up), so you absolutely need to try this! The dish is called Goi Cuon in Vietnamese, and translates to ‘fresh springrolls’. I’m sorry for the bad pictures, the light-situation wasn’t exactly picture-friendly. 

I’m getting a watery mouth just looking at these pictures! Here is what you need:

⋆ Rice paper

⋆ Rice noodles

⋆ Soy sauce 

⋆ Hoisin sauce

⋆ Cucumber

⋆ Sugar peas 

⋆ Fried onions 

⋆ Spring onion 

⋆ Peanuts

⋆ Pulled pork

Start by popping the pulled pork in the oven. Slice up the cucumber and spring onion, and put that, lettuce, fried onion and sugar peas in bowls. The fried onion adds a delicious crunch, so this is a must. 

Prepare the noodles and put them in a bowl. Also fill up a bowl with boiling hot water and put on the table for the rice paper. 

The peanut sauce: Cut the peanuts into tiny pieces, and add hoisin sauce and a little bit of soy sauce. This makes the yummiest dip for the springrolls, the taste level just goes through the roof. Also prepare a small bowl with just soy sauce for dipping, and use both dips every time you take a bite. YUM! You can also put the peanut sauce inside the springrolls, but we thought it was best as a dipping sauce. If you’re making these for tapas it’s best to have the sauce inside though. 

When the pulled pork is done, tear it apart using forks. 

Put everything on the table just like when serving tacos, and make the springrolls as you eat. Start by dipping the rice paper in the hot water to make it soft, then just add the veggies, rice noodles and meat, and wrap it all together. 

Everything was so easy to prepare, so I definitely think my boyfriend and I will make this regularly from now on. A perfect weekend dinner! It’s also a delicious, fun and different dish for tapas nights which I often have with the girls. Some of the ingredients can be hard to find in regular grocery stores, but most Asian stores have them. 

Bon appetit♥

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Lunch O’Clock

Hi sweets, and happy Monday! My Monday started bright and early, and Julia and I have been hard at work doing our exam paper that is due in a week. To keep our spirits up we decided to make a yummy lunch, which turned out to be super picture-friendly as well, haha. Always a plus when two bloggers get together! 

I also got fresh new flowers, how cute are these? 

I’ve never really thought about how well croissants look in pictures. Maybe this will be the new trend after the macaroon-hype goes over? 

Now we’re gonna work with our paper for a couple more hours, then I have the best plans tonight. My boyfriend and I are going out for a pre-xmas dinner with his family, and he just told me that it will be a buffet of xmas food!! Oh lordy lord, will I be in a food coma tonight!! 

I hope you’re all having a fabulous day♥

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Breakfast in Bed

Good morning angels! I’ve already been at school for a few hours, and I’m ready for a long day of classes, which I don’t mind one bit after the heavenly morning I had. Lately I’ve had such difficulties sleeping, and most nights I’ll lay in bed for at least 3 hours trying to sleep before I’m finally able to go to dream land. Last night was the first night in weeks that I actually fell asleep pretty quickly, and I feel so energized and happy! Don’t underestimate your beauty sleep, it sets the tone for the entire day and week. I woke up earlier than I use to, and decided to celebrate with a yummy breakfast in bed. My lowcarb crisp breads (find the recipe here) with lots of yumminess on top, avocado, berries and tea was on the menu, which was the perfect start to the day. I’ll be at school all day, and when my last class finishes I have 15 minutes to head over to BikBok for Lene‘s launch, I can’t wait to see the whole collection! Hopefully I’ll have some energy left after draining classes, but I bet that when I see Lene’s pretty face the energy will come right back to me :) We might go out for a drink afterwards, so I don’t know if I’ll have time to update you more today.

Have a good one sweeties♥

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Squash Spaghetti

cathinthecity food recipe squash spaghetti cathrine heienberg

Today’s dinner is just eaten, and as I promised to share the result of using the veggie twister with squash; Voila! You can read all about the veggie twister in this post, and I have to say, using it on squash was even easier than using it on cucumber! This little dish was so easy to make. First I spiralized the squash and let the water run off it for a bit, and in the meantime I cooked ground beef and mixed it with a yummy pasta sauce with manchego and arugula flavor. Then I put the squash in a frying pan, and cooked it for a bit with salt. It turned out incredibly yummy, and I can’t recommend this dish enough! The only downside is that the spaghetti strips shrinked to about a tenth of the original size after cooking them, hah. The spaghetti on this picture is from a huge squash, so that kinda sucked. I’ll probably need like six squash for a proper dinner to me and my boyfriend. But I’ll definitely make this again, so yummy! 

Now I’m super ready for a night in front of the TV with my man. It’s getting so freezing outside, so my whole house is covered with candles, which is so cozy! I hope you’ve all had a great day♥♥

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Cucumber Spaghetti Salad

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I have to give today’s lunch an A+. A Greek salad with cucumber spaghetti was on the menu, and it was sooo good! 

cathinthecity food recipe spiral cucumber salad cathrine heienberg

I’ve been wanting a tool to make veggies into spaghetti strips for so long, and this week it finally arrived. It’s called a Veggie Twister, and you can make spaghetti out of so many vegetables. You just put 6cm of your veggie in the light pink tube, twist the dark pink tube downwards into the light pink one, and the spaghetti strips come right out of the other end. It was so easy and fast, and cucumber has never looked more delicious! 

cathinthecity food recipe spiral cucumber salad cathrine heienberg

You can find the Veggie Twister here, and there’s also a video showing how to use it if you didn’t quite understand my poor explanation. It’s only 299kr, and you can make a different kind of spiralized veggies with it too. Tomorrow I’m gonna try it with squash, boil everything and make a traditional spaghetti dinner with it, I hope it’s as yummy as today’s meal was! 

cathinthecity food recipe spiral cucumber salad cathrine heienberg

In today’s Greek salad I just used the spiralized cucumber, red onion, cherry tomatoes and feta cheese, with lots of olive oil, seasalt and peppermix seasoned over it all. YUMS! 

cathinthecity food recipe spiral cucumber salad cathrine heienberg

I’m so happy I discovered this, as I’m so tired of making the same salad over and over again. And doesn’t this look way more yummy than with just regular cucubmer in cubes? I definitely think so!♥

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Recipe: Crisp Breads

Good morning lovelies! While I’m eating my super yummy breakfast, I thought I’d share the recipe with you guys. Seriously, I’ve never made crisp breads this successfully before! They are thin, incredibly crispy and taste so good. They are lowcarb friendly, but they’re a super healthy option whether you eat lowcarb or not. This batter is enough for 24 crisp breads, and two baking trays. By the way, I used my new Olympus Pen E-PL7 for these pictures, and I’m so happy with how they turned out. I’ll tell you more about the camera later, so back to the crisp breads. You need:

  • 2dl of sesame seeds (sesamfrø)
  • 2dl of flaxseeds (linfrø)
  • 2dl of sunflower seeds (solsikkekjerner) 
  • 1-2 teaspoons of salt
  • 1 tbs of physilium husk (fiberhusk)
  • 3dl of water

cathinthecity food homemade crisp breads cathrine heienberg

Mix the salt and physilium husk with the water in a bowl. Wait a few minutes until it becomes a bit thicker, and add the seeds. 

cathinthecity food homemade crisp breads cathrine heienberg

Mix everything together, and put half of it on a baking tray covered with baking paper. Cover the paper with the batter, and make sure there are no gaps. If you think the batter is too sticky, you can just put your hand in a small plastic bag, cover it with a tiny bit of oil and use that to cover the whole tray. 

cathinthecity food homemade crisp breads cathrine heienberg

Use a pizza wheel to divide the batter into twelve pieces, and put the tray in the oven on 150 degrees. I let it sit for around 35 minutes, then I turned the crisp breads around and let them sit for an additional 3-4 minutes. Wait a few minutes after you take them out of the oven, and gently divide them into smaller pieces. As this is a double portion, start over again with the rest of the batter.

cathinthecity food homemade crisp breads cathrine heienberg

They seriously turned out so yummy and crispy, and they were so easy to make! I found the recipe here, but I doubled it and translated it to English for my international readers.

cathinthecity food homemade crisp breads cathrine heienberg

They taste super good with cheese ( I used ‘greddost’) and red peppers, which is exactly how I’m eating them now. YUMS!! 

cathinthecity food homemade crisp breads cathrine heienberg

Bon appetit mes chéries♥

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