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Saturday is the big day; My birthday bash with my girlfriends will take place, and the night will consist of yummy food, strong drinks and a bunch of dressed up hot girls ready for a night out. I can’t wait!! The search for the perfect birthday bash dress started almost before the planning itself, and I think I’ll end up wearing this amazing draped bodycon dress. I almost never wear dresses this tight, but now that I’m 24 years old it’s time to say fuck insecurities, and wear whatever the hell I want. This dress is unfortunately only available in size L now, but I have a size M and I found it pretty tight. I could probably easily have a large. Ah, I can’t wait for Saturday!! 

And I just have to say thank you SO much for all the wonderful comments on my previous post. I am in awe, and I don’t even know what to say. Reading through the comments brought tears to my eyes, thank you so much!! I love you all♥

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