Skin Food

Hi angels, and happy Monday! Are you ready for the new week? I’m super ready, this week is going to be so much fun. Tomorrow I’m off to London for business, and I might go some place warmer this weekend, but that’s not final yet. Exciting! I’m on my way out to shoot today’s outfit with Amalie, but before I go I thought I’d tips you about an all time favorite of mine; Skin Food by Weleda. This cream is a masterpiece! It takes care of any dry spots in a second, and it’s filled with only natural and organic ingredients. I use it everywhere, both on my body and my face. I’ve even used it under my eyes when I feel like I’m dry there, and it does the trick every single time. It’s not too expensive either, only 119kr. Everyone who’s struggling with dry skin in the winter time like me, this one is a magic worker for you.

I just found out that Weleda also has day cream, so I of course had to get that one too. If it’s anything like Skin Food I’m sure I’ll love it. Have anyone tried it?

So that was the little tips of the day, I’ll be back with today’s look later. Have a great one lovelies♥

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  1. Maria says

    Hei! Bare lurte på om du kunne gi en update på hvilken krem du liker best. Sist jeg så du anbefalte krem for litt siden skrev du at du hadde begynt med a-krem. Hvilken av disse vil du si at du foretrekker? Hilsen nysgjerrig:)

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