Photo Tips Pt.II

You guys have been asking me for updated photo tips for months now, and finally I’m sharing one of my new photo secrets. My interest in photography just keeps growing and growing, and I think it’s so fun that you’ve noticed my progress. In case you missed the last post with photo tips, you can find it here. My photo skills have improved a bit since writing that post, but I still think the tips in that posts is great for beginners. 

I thought I’d divide my tips into different posts, and I’m starting with one of the most important changes my pictures have gone through. What really makes them pop; Lightroom. Lightroom is an editing tool from Adobe, which is fan-fucking-tastic!! How have I lived without Lightroom earlier? You can do everything in this program, and I use it for all of my pictures now. My favorite thing in Lightroom is that you can adjust certain colors in a picture without affecting the other colors. Say that I want the blue sky to be even bluer, I can adjust only the blue tones in the picture, and avoid my whole picture getting bluer. Same with white, red, green, black, all the colors there is! I will show you this in a second, but first I thought I’d show you what the program looks like. 

You have a library, where all your pictures are saved. When I connect my memory card to the computer, I open Lightroom and click ‘import’. Then all the pictures on my memory card pops up, but all the pictures are automatically checked for import. If you want to import all your pictures, that’s fine, but I always take lots more pictures than I need, just to have a bit to choose from. Therefore I click ‘uncheck all’, and only check the ones I want to import. Then they appear in my library, sorted after the date. Then the real fun starts, where you can see ‘Develop‘.

Here is just a random picture I like from our trip to the US. As you can see, the blue sky is super clear, the sunshine is radiant behind the trees, and the whole picture really ‘pops’. This is seriously all Lightroom. Are you ready to see the un-edited version of the picture? Drumroll please…

HAH! I mean, this picture is so incredibly dull and grey compared to the edited one.. The difference is just ridiculous! So, anyone wants to know how to do this? Yes? I thought so.

So, here you can see Lightroom when I was done editing. I’ll take you through each editing step. 

Step one → Lens Corrections

You can’t see this in the screenshot, but in the menu to the right, there is an option called ‘Lens Corrections’. Here I click both ‘Enable Profile Corrections’ and ‘Remove Chromatic Aberration’. It’s not completely necessary, but it will improve your pictures. 

Step two → Basic editing

I go to the basic editing options in the menu to the right. I usually start by clicking the ‘auto’ button, and see which automatic changes appear. I always do my own touches, but I like to start with the automatic settings. Here is what the different options will do to your picture:

Exposure → Makes your whole picture lighter when turned up, and darker when turned down. Contrast → This one explains itself. I always add a lot of contrast to my pictures. Highlights → This will adjust the highlighted areas in your picture. For instance, if you take a picture where you have a lot of sunshine in your face, so that it almost appears white, you can bring the highlights down to -100, and your face will have more of a natural tone. Shadows → I almost never use this, because I think it makes the photo quality look poor. But if you have a very dark picture, you can bring the shadows up to make the dark areas look lighter. Whites → Makes the whites in the picture whiter. I use this one a lot! I prefer my pictures very light as I’m sure you’ve noticed, so I always bring the ‘whites’ option up as much as I can without it looking unnatural. Blacks → The same thing goes for this one. It will make the blacks in your picture blacker. 

Step three → Adjust colors 

This one is one of my favorite parts of editing, especially if my picture includes a blue sky! I go to the option in the menu called ‘HSL / Color / B&W‘ and choose ‘color‘. Say that I want to make the blue sky even bluer and brighter, like in the picture above. I’ll choose the blue color as you can see on my screenshot, and I’ll bring the luminance way down. This will only change the blue tones in my picture, the rest will remain the same. How cool?! If I want to make the blue tones even brighter than that, I can bring the saturation up, but normally I think only changing the luminance is enough. 


Here is another example. Look how much more ‘alive’ the edited picture is! 

Here you can see how I’ve edited it in the menu to the right. Bringing down the highlights made the waves in the background a bit more visible, I added tons of contrast, made the blacks in the picture even blacker, just to name a few.

And another example.. 

The main thing I did here was enhancing both the blue tones and orange tones, as well as adding contrast and bringing down the highlights. 

Here are a few pictures I like where you can really see that I’ve used these tips.. 

Here I’ve adjusted the red tones to appear even more red. That’s how it was in real life, but my camera didn’t capture it..

Cool, right? You can download a trial version of Lightroom for free here, and use it for a month! I recommend trying it, and if you love taking pictures or if you are a blogger like me, I definitely recommend buying it. This is also great for those of you who just have been on vacation and filled up your memory card with tons of vacation pics. What better than using the free trial to edit your vacation pictures and really make them pop? 

I still use Photoshop a lot too, like I showed you in my previous post with photo tips, but not for editing colors and lighting. Now that’s all Lightroom. But for making collages, resizing pictures etc, I still use Photoshop. Oh, and by the way, everything I know about Lightroom I’ve learned on YouTube. There are so many fantastic tutorials there, which you can learn so much from. Oh, and another by the way; I recommend using the RAW format, not JPG. 

I hope you liked this post girls! Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help you♥

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  1. Christina i London! says

    Fantastisk redigering og bilder! Jeg pleier å gjøre det samme ca, men jeg bruker Photoshop :) Hvis du tar bildene i raw så åpner bildene seg i Camera Raw, og du kan gjøre akkurat de samme redigeringene der! Vet ikke om du tar bildene i raw, men du burde prøve det, fargene blir enda bedre og lettere å jobbe med :-D


  2. X says

    Hey Cath, you should to make posts like this more often!! So useful and so clear for our blonde heads haha. I brought Canon and really like your tips so will give a chance to non-automatic mode :) Thank you will be so glad for more tips like this and maybe you can help me with my question, because I have highlighted hair and in real is it in good silver tone but on some photos it looks like with some yellow reflection. Am I only who have this problem? maybe is it possible to minimize it with photoshop in some colder color filter, but without applying on other parts in photo? Do you have some skill with this? Sorry for my english dear, but will be really grateful if you can answer. xx

  3. Elisabeth says

    Har lyst å bruke lightroom, men forstår det ikke helt. Og jeg har liksom mitt eget system i mappene mine… Så det jeg lurer på er om jeg kan åpne bilder fra pc-en i lightroom, hvis du forstår? Eller må jeg importere de rett fra minnekortet? For det er den delen jeg ikke helt liker så godt… :) Har hatt den trial-versjonen en gang før, men tenkte å se om jeg får lastet den ned en gang til på en av pc-ene her hjemme og prøve meg litt fram… :) Håper du forstår hva jeg spurte om, selv om jeg er utrolig dårlig til å forklare. //

  4. says

    Heihei. Ja, det er ikke noe problem. Jeg har Mac da, men det jeg gjør er:

    – Trykk på Import
    – Velger MacintoschHD som er dataen min. Under kan jeg velge minnekortet hvis det er koblet til. Jeg vet ikke hva det står på PC.
    – Velger ‘user’, så ‘cathrineheienberg’, så ‘desktop’, og der får jeg opp alt. Jeg pleier å ha mappene jeg skal bruke på skrivebordet, men ellers trykker du deg jo bare frem til der de ligger :)

    Så det er ihvertfall null problem, håper du skjønte hva jeg mente og at det er noenlunde likt på PC :)

  5. says

    Hi sweetie. I’m so glad you’re finding joy in photography :) Hmm, I’ve never had that problem before. Is it when you take pictures inside that you have that problem? If so, you could try changing your white balance. Other than that, I don’t really know, sorry ♥

  6. says

    Ja, jeg brukte alltid det før. Men jeg syns Lightroom er enda bedre, og mer oversiktlig :) Jeg tar alltid bildene i RAW, nevnte det nederst i innlegget her :) Klem ♥

  7. Ingrid says

    Endelig kan flere bli tipset om lightroom, syns det er så mange som bruker tungvinte løsninger og bruker unødvendig tid. Har en liten fotografbuisness ved siden av jobb så jeg har satt meg veldig inn i det. Leste at du fortsatt bruker photoshop til resizeing og collager. Dette kan du bruke lightroom til også, via print modulen. Der kan du lage dine egne maler til collager hvor du bare bruker “click and drag” metoden når bildene skal plasseres, da resizer bildet til å passe i “ruten” helt av seg selv. Og du sparer helt latterlig mye tid. Det, i kombinasjon med skikkelig arkiv og merking av bilder er det gjort på 6 min avhengig av antall bilder! Bare et lite tips :D

  8. Kristine says

    Bruker Lightroom selv også, men har nesten aldri brukt funksjonen der du justerer enkeltfarger. Takk for påminnelsen – den er jo helt genialt til bilder der lysforskjellen i bildet er litt for høy og det ikke går an å bruke gradientfunksjonen! :)

  9. Line says

    Heihei :) Tusen takk for tipset! Jeg har brukt programmet en god del siden du anbefalte det, og er kjempe fornøyd! Men jeg lurte på om du kunne hjelpe meg med noe. Jeg har tydeligvis klart å trykke på noe rart, for jeg finner ikke lenger den menyen hvor jeg kan justere enkeltfarger?! Kunne det før, men nå finner jeg ikke den menyen hvor det står “HSL/ Color/ B&W”. Kan du hjelpe meg? Det var jo det beste med lightroom, så det er utrolig kjedelig å ikke få brukt den funksjonen.. Håper du kan forsøke å hjelpe meg, det hadde jeg satt veldig pris på :)

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