Cath in The City

I thought I’d say a word or three about why I’m going to NY. Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamt about moving to New York, all by myself, and just explore the city and live life. So I’m actually just going there to live my dream; no school, no job, no nothing. Just me, doing whatever I want for two months. Yay! Who’s excited/jealous/wanna poke my eyes out?!?

And yeah, two things! Ignore my terrible photoshop skills, I’m new at this! And if anyone wants to know where the outfit’s from, I got the coat from a store in Soho which I have NO idea what was called (good luck finding a copy with those guidelines), the belt is from an other store in NY (again, best of luck to you), my watch is D&G and the earrings are H&M.

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Hi lovies : ) Today I was featured on the Norwegian blog “Dagens Outfit“, with a photo of me in an “American prom dress” turned “vintage super special and a little over the top party dress”. So I thought I’d share the photos with you 27 readers as well (is 27 an embarrasingly low number? I’m super excited that 27 different people have read my blog today, but I think I might have gotten what counts for good blog statistics a little wrong) Anyway, here are the photos : )

Btw, I found the fabulous dress here!

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Hi : )

Hi everyone. So I initially created this blog to keep my friends and family posted on my stay in New York City, but I thought I’d give fashion blogging a go too! So here you go, my very first outfit on this newbie fashion blog. I haven’t gotten to New York yet though, still on Norwegian ground for now.. But anyway, this is what I wore for a sushi date with my bestie.

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