Today.. the day I’ve been dreading all summer. My bestie, Tonje, is leaving me. She’s moving to Oslo to go to school. I really have no idea what I’m gonna do here in Bergen without her, but one thing’s for sure; this whole moving thing stunt will mean a LOT of trips to the capital for me when I get back from NY.

Tonje is so cute. Her only requirement now that she’s apartment hunting, is that the bedroom is big enough to fit a guest bed into it, so that I can come over as much as I want. Isn’t that beyond adorable?

I don’t really understand why she wants to move there anyway. I much prefer Bergen to Oslo. But then again, I’ve only been to Oslo once in my “adult” life, and I didn’t get the best impression of the city.

We went there with the entire third grade of my high school. Everyone had to take the night train, which we were not too thrilled about. But of course, something had to happen to make the matter a whole lot worse. The airhead sitting behind us fell asleep with tobacco in his mouth. This of course ended with him throwing up a whole year’s supply of food, mixed with stomach acid and of course the tobacco, on the back of our seats. Which of course lead to us standing in the opposite end of the train for most of the ride. Great start.

When we arrived in Oslo, we had to attend SUPEREXCITING lectures. We could barely contain ourselves!!

Everyone had to sleep at Anker Hostel, where the amount of bedbugs gave the stars in the sky serious competition as far as quantity goes. Bedbugs 1 – Stars 0.

When the evening came, we were all ready to hit the town, and we went to.. wait for it.. TROMPETEN! I trust the people there wearing neon colored dresses, showing way too much of each butt cheek and practically humping each others legs on the dance floor represented a good selection of Oslo’s finest youth. Or..?

The only time smiles were to be seen, was when we had 10 minutes to go shopping before we had to go home.

So.. Do I have any readers who live in Oslo? If so; how well does my interpretation of the city match with reality? I have a feeling I might have had some serious bad luck as to where we went and what we did, and I’m very ready to give Oslo another chance when I get back from NY : )

Psst: I have one hilarious experience from Oslo that I’ll never forget. I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

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Jewelry Tree

Every girl should have a tree like this. It’s a great way to store your favorite jewelry, and it’s super cute as pure decoration. This was a christmas present from one of my besties, but I think she got it at Åhlens. I use this one for my gold jewelry, I’ll show you how I store my silver jewelry tomorrow.

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Who has the best outside shot?

Hi cupcakes : ) Just wanted to stop by to say that I’m featured on the blog Dagens Outfit again, this time you can voice your opinion on who you think has the best outside shot. I think all the pictures are cute : )

Here’s the one they used of me

Btw: You can click it and view it full size

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Sunny day

God, the weather is so great today! I’m from a city where there’s like 364 rainy days a year, so this calls for a celebration! The summer dress is on, and I’m ready to seize the day! So long : )

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This picture is from my first visit in the city, in October 2009. We had just landed, and were making our way to Times Square where our hotel was located. I was so happy, no wonder I was all smiles : )

Jacket H&M, lace dress Bik Bok, bag Marc Jacobs, watch D&G

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What do we think?

So I’ve started a mental scan of my wardrobe to figure out what I’ll bring to NY. But now I’m stuck. I just really don’t know what I think of this denim jacket from Never Denim. At first, I loved it, and thought it was so cute. We lived happily together right until some girl came up to me, and told me that my bolero was soo cute! And I was like.. huh? Bolero?? Where?? This ain’t no freakin bolero. And now I can’t get the B-word out of my head. I mean, fine, the girl was from Os, but still.. So anyway, what do we think?

btw: the dress is from Zara, and yes, the picture is old : )

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Cath in The City

I thought I’d say a word or three about why I’m going to NY. Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamt about moving to New York, all by myself, and just explore the city and live life. So I’m actually just going there to live my dream; no school, no job, no nothing. Just me, doing whatever I want for two months. Yay! Who’s excited/jealous/wanna poke my eyes out?!?

And yeah, two things! Ignore my terrible photoshop skills, I’m new at this! And if anyone wants to know where the outfit’s from, I got the coat from a store in Soho which I have NO idea what was called (good luck finding a copy with those guidelines), the belt is from an other store in NY (again, best of luck to you), my watch is D&G and the earrings are H&M.

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Hi lovies : ) Today I was featured on the Norwegian blog “Dagens Outfit“, with a photo of me in an “American prom dress” turned “vintage super special and a little over the top party dress”. So I thought I’d share the photos with you 27 readers as well (is 27 an embarrasingly low number? I’m super excited that 27 different people have read my blog today, but I think I might have gotten what counts for good blog statistics a little wrong) Anyway, here are the photos : )

Btw, I found the fabulous dress here!

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