Every girl with respect for herself should definitely visit the Forever 21 store at Times Square. I don’t really like Times Square very much, too crowded and stressful.. But it was definitely worth it. It’s the coolest store I’ve ever been in, it was over 5 floors, and the decor.. You just have to see for yourself! And the prices are ridiculously low. I got the cute top underneath for 15$, which is like next to nothing.

Psst: Forever21 also has an online store, you can find it here.

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On my way out..

Hi guys : ) Now I’m on my way out to go for a walk in Central Park, and then I was thinking shopping in Soho.

Have a great day lovies! : )

Dress: H&M

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New York so far..

First of all, the trip went great, even though it looked a little dark when I got this freakshow next to me on the plane..

Luckily he was actually really nice and funny, so the crisis was averted. He was on his way to Harvard to go to business school. Looks can fool, my friends.

Then I arrived in my new “apartment”, which was really cute, and much bigger than I had expected. Yay. I’m still really sick by the way, and now my voice has disappeared to the point where I can’t even whisper. So it’s just great that every new yorker ask me how I am every three seconds.. I just have to wheeze and point at my throat, which really doesn’t make me look very bright.

Yellow is definitely the new black…

I decided to explore the neighborhood, and of course the rooftop terrace.

The woman in the reception desk told me that I should go up the stairs and to the right… But then I thought, this can’t be correct..?

So I checked the door to the left..

Oh, hello..

The view towards downtown..

This is my street.. : )

The view from my dysfunctional window..

Now I’m just sitting by my window, looking for celebr.. uhh.. just relaxing!! Good night everyone <3

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Window trouble

Hi guys. I’ve arrived in my new apartment in New York, and I’ll tell you all about it and show pictures later. I just have one question. How the fuck do you open a window like this?????

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My blog the next two months..

..will probably be quite different than it has been since I started about three weeks ago.. I usually hate blogs that describe everything the blogger does, eats, thinks, doesn’t think, etc.. You know, like “today I’ve eaten cereal for breakfast, then I tanned a bit, then I bought a calculator, then I ate a banana, then I drank some water”. Blablabla. Boring, right? But now that I’m going to NY, I’m gonna be one of those bloggers. I initially started this blog to keep my friends and family posted on everything I do in NY, so I feel like I should stay true to that. But, that being said, I’ll definitely keep posting outfits and everything, because I think that’s SO fun.

Now I’ve almost finished packing, and need to get my beauty sleep. I’m leaving eeearly tomorrow morning! So I guess the next time I’ll talk to you, I’ll be sitting in my apartment on Manhattan!!

So long lovies <3

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The ugly truth

I feel like shit today. My voice is completely gone, and my throat is soo sore.

I’m going au naturale today, with no makeup and swollen eyes.

Now I’m gonna do one of my favorite things in the whole world: watch my team Brann play a match. Soccer match that is. Heia Brann!!

Oh, and by the way guys. I just found out that Justin Beiber is doing a concert in New York the same night that I arrive. And there are still tickets available. What to do?

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Steal vs Splurge

What do you guys think? Would you go for the Stella McCartney one, or the one from Asos? I’m not sure about the price of the Stella, but I think it was around 12.000kr/2.000$. The one from Asos is 1.400kr, or about 250$. It’s pretty obvious that it’s a complete knock off, but at the same time is good that everyone who can’t afford the designer dresses still can wear the latest trends.

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