* I took a walk in Central Park, shopped at 5th avenue then continued on shopping in Soho.

* I was almost punched by a crazy man in a military suit who ran at me showing  me the finger while screaming like a mad man. He was extremely similar to Spencer Pratt. Hmm.. That’s nice..

* I’ve walked around in my underwear eating sushi in my apartment. Ahh, the sweet life of loneliness.

* I’m pretty sure I saw Tom Hanks at Bergdorfs

* I was approached by a promotor on the street, who asked me if I wanted a free facial, manicure, pedicure, hair treatment, haircut, highlights, full body massage etc at the Bergdorf Goodman Spa, which was worth over 400$ combined. I was like “where do I sign!?”

* I’ve bought something that I’ve been wanting for a long time (and tons of things that were more on the impulsive side..)

* I was told by my new friend (presuming a girl I made small talk with in the elevator qualifies as a friend) that my new manly voice was very sexy. I beg to differ..

* I’m saw a man masturbate on the subway..

* I’ve spent too many thousands on shopping..

* I left this dress at Topshop without buying it.. And now I can’t stop thinking about it.. Crap..

Now I was thinking watching the sunset over Empire State Building from the rooftop terrace while I read my new fashion magazines.

So long <3

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Every girl with respect for herself should definitely visit the Forever 21 store at Times Square. I don’t really like Times Square very much, too crowded and stressful.. But it was definitely worth it. It’s the coolest store I’ve ever been in, it was over 5 floors, and the decor.. You just have to see for yourself! And the prices are ridiculously low. I got the cute top underneath for 15$, which is like next to nothing.

Psst: Forever21 also has an online store, you can find it here.

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On my way out..

Hi guys : ) Now I’m on my way out to go for a walk in Central Park, and then I was thinking shopping in Soho.

Have a great day lovies! : )

Dress: H&M

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New York so far..

First of all, the trip went great, even though it looked a little dark when I got this freakshow next to me on the plane..

Luckily he was actually really nice and funny, so the crisis was averted. He was on his way to Harvard to go to business school. Looks can fool, my friends.

Then I arrived in my new “apartment”, which was really cute, and much bigger than I had expected. Yay. I’m still really sick by the way, and now my voice has disappeared to the point where I can’t even whisper. So it’s just great that every new yorker ask me how I am every three seconds.. I just have to wheeze and point at my throat, which really doesn’t make me look very bright.

Yellow is definitely the new black…

I decided to explore the neighborhood, and of course the rooftop terrace.

The woman in the reception desk told me that I should go up the stairs and to the right… But then I thought, this can’t be correct..?

So I checked the door to the left..

Oh, hello..

The view towards downtown..

This is my street.. : )

The view from my dysfunctional window..

Now I’m just sitting by my window, looking for celebr.. uhh.. just relaxing!! Good night everyone <3

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Window trouble

Hi guys. I’ve arrived in my new apartment in New York, and I’ll tell you all about it and show pictures later. I just have one question. How the fuck do you open a window like this?????

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