Fashion Show

I’ve been so tired today, but I managed to suck it up to go to the Adrienne Zedrich fashion show. Tough life, right? Not easy being me. Anyways, so the clothes were cute, and the show was great. Afterwards we were invited backstage to meet the designer, and we got to talk to her before any reporter/press. Cool. The designer was probably the prettiest girl I’ve met in NY. Suddenly, everyone expected me to “interview” her, and I was like.. Shit, okay, lets go.. I’ll upload the video later. What do you think I asked her?

Shirt: Lindex, tights: Lindex (yes, I copied the mannequin in the Lindex window), Bag: Chanel, Heels: DinSko, Watch: Guess

Btw: Thanks for all the questions below! Keep ’em coming guys : )

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I’ve been getting a lot of requests on having a Q&A, or “spørsmålsrunde”. Of course I can. Ask me anything, and I’ll answer the best I can. I think it’s best if I just answer in the language the question is asked.. so.. GO!

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Ashton Kutcher, the Sand gallery and a makeup video.. what’s in store for you guys today. Or.. Not Ashton. I just wanted to brag about seeing him on the street yesterday. And he smiled at me!! But I was like, sorry Ash, keep walking, you’ve got Demi and everything.. Don’t want no drama. So today is the big art gallery opening for Marianne Aulie at the Sand gallery, and I can’t wait! It’s gonna be exclusive, fabulous and hopefully full of interesting people (celebs). We were there last night and got a little tour of the gallery, as well as meeting Marianne. She was soo sweet, a little nervous, kind of stressed and very beautiful. We’re going to the gallery opening even though almost all of you told me to go to the fashion show. We have an other show on wednesday, so I think I’ll live.. : )

I’ve been getting a lot of comments and emails about my makeup. Which products I use, how I apply them and so on. So I made a video for you guys! It’s coming up later today, so be sure to check back in. I made it last night, so I was gonna remove my makeup on forehand.. I poured lots of eye makeup remover on a cotton pad and splashed it on my eye. Turned out it was a nail polish remover. My scream was to be heard all the way to Queens, I believe.

Have a great day, I’ll post my outfit in a bit : )

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