Shopping tips: My favorite store for bags

You can click the image to enlarge it. There are many Coach stores in NY, but I prefer the one on Bleecker street. It looks fantastic, and the people who work there are fabulous. The prices range from $200-$1400 on bags, and $40-$200 on jewelry. Definitely a must see when you’re in the city.

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I love my vintage necklace. It reminds me of Norway. How very patriotic of me. Gotta represent, right? : ) (the picture doesn’t do it justice at all!)

Lace tee: Warehouse London, Corset underneath: H&M, Belt: Mango, Harem pants: Gina Tricot (bought in Copenhagen years ago), Leather bracelet: H&M, Necklace: Vintage (I think it used to belong to my grandmother)

So now I’m off to the airport to pick up my gorgeous sister and her fabulous boyfriend! I can’t wait!! I’ve missed them so much. Ulrikke also just got back to town, and we’re planning to see broadway shows, sex museums and some kind of museum with lots of human body parts? Should be interesting.

Btw: I met the sweetest girl when I took my outfit pictures (there’s a good way to meet people, when I come off as the most narcissistic poser ever). Anyway, she told me that lots of girls at the Markle read and talk about my blog. Speak up, please!! I want friends. I don’t have any!! Haha.

Have a great day <3

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Meeting Whitney

I don’t think I’ve ever had such excited readers, as I did when I posted the picture of me and Whitney. My mailbox is full, hah. You’re adorable. So the setting was an event held by Ebay Lookbook, where a bunch of stylists, including Whitney, were completely restyling girls, with clothing and accessories from Ebay. I met so many wonderful people there, including Whitney, who is just as nice, gorgeous and down to earth in real life as she comes off on her show The City. I also met some wonderful fashion editors, who were all too nice, and we got along really well. So Whitney was going to restyle me, but she thought my outfit was so cute already that the only thing she did was change my ballerina flats for heels *Yay, nice work getting dressed, Cathrine*. There were lots of pro photographers there, I’ll post the pics when I receive them on my email : ) Meanwhile, you can go nuts with these.

I think she saw something she didn’t quite fancy..

Ahh, decisions, decisions..

A small selection of the Ebay stuff she could choose from

Hah, what a horrible shot of me. I look like a duck.

One of the girls Whitney styled


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Mission Failed

Since I enjoyed walking over Brooklyn Bridge so much at night the last time, I thought I’d give it a go during daylight too. Full of excitement and positivity, I entered the L train, which took me to Brooklyn. When I got out from the subway station, I was in the middle of nowhere. Panic started to build up inside me, but I commenced walking in the direction my gut told me the bridge was. I’m never trusting that gut again, that’s for sure.

Well, at least I got to see some cool things in Brooklyn on my bridge-finding-quest.

After several hours of walking around in circles like an idiot, looking for the bridge, I finally found it.


Notice how dark it had become when I finally got to the bridge. And the whole point was to see it in daylight. Hah. Story of my life. Anyways.. I managed to go to the wrong bridge, so here I’m on Williamsburg Bridge, which has a strategically placed grid in front of the whole view. I was so upset by my failed trip that I took a taxi home, bought tons of chocolate and went to bed.


(Just kidding. I love my life).

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Blouse: H&M, Skirt: H&M, Necklace: Accessorize

Btw: If anyone’s gonna comment on me wearing the same skirt two days in a row, I’d like to take this opportunity to kindly tell you to shut up in advance. Thnx : )

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