Zara Knitwear Collection

I love the knitwear collection from Zara. Such unique and cute pieces! You remember this coat I got last week, right?

Well, yesterday I found a knitted skirt form the same collection. It’s very special, but I love it! It’s so cute, and it makes me feel very Norwegian. Representing, representing.. So, do you guys like it? I picture wearing it with rough boots, black tights, a white tee, a black biker jacket and a huge skarf around the neck.

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Happy Birthday Sis

My beautiful sister is a birthday princess tody! Yay! We’re going to celebrate in style! We’re talking a trip to the zoo! Double yay!! Later, we’re going to the Empire State Building, a dinner and then we might go out.

You’ll of course get to see what I got her later. My only concern is if it’s girly enough wrapped. Have a great sunday sweeties <3

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American Museum of Natural History

I just love love love science and nature. Next to the fashion thing, I’m the biggest science geek. So friday, we went to AMNH. It was SO much fun. I was like a little kid at Toys’r’us. I wanted to see everything, touch everything, read everything, and bring everything home with me. We went to this space show in the planetarium, and I’m already set on learning everything there is to know about stars and space immediately. Do you guys enjoy natural history? I think everyone should! It’s so important to have a thirst for new knowledge. Knowledge is power, and life is so much more fun to live when you’re a little educated on the world we live in.  Thought I’d share some pics with you guys, and force feed you a little natural history ;) .

A Norwegian chimpanzee outside of the museum

This was so much cooler in real life.  Picture doesn’t do it justice at all. Hmprf..


They had even included the modern day’s mammoths in the museum, most commonly found in Central America.

Definitely a museum I recommend visiting : )

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It’s Saturday Night..

..and I bet a lot of you are going out. Just want to give a little tips for you girlies (and boys for that matter. at this blog, we don’t discriminate ;) ) Wear fake eye lashes! It just lifts the whole look, and gives a little pow to the outfit. It’s so easy to apply if you just concentrate, and it looks good on everyone. Have a great night <3

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Faux Fur

I found this genius “scarf” at Zara. I don’t know the English term for it, but I think it’s just called “hals” in Norway. In Bergen anyway.. You know the kind of scarf that’s you just pull over your head. Like.. In a round shape. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m horrible at explaining really easy things. Anyways, i’ts pretty, warm, and it makes me feel like a Russian spy turned super rich and luxurious Upper East Side woman. I think it’s gonna look fabulous with a black wool coat (note to self: buy black wool coat). I’ll show you better pictures tomorrow. I’m having a bad face day.

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Good morning sweeties. I just want to say sorry if it takes a long time before I answer your emails, Facebook messages and comments. I’m so tired. I’m beat. I get up at 6am every morning, and I don’t fall asleep until like 5am, because of the ****** neighbors. I spend all day rushing around the city, and of course blogging for you guys. In NY, time flies by, and suddenly you’ve gone 10 hours without eating or drinking. I really really need new routines. Tonight, my promotor wants me to come to this really cool, fancy and celebrity filled new it-place, but I would seriously fall asleep on the dance floor if I went. The past week, I’ve been walking around in the city looking like this:

I’ll stop complaning now, I know I really don’t have any reason to. My point was, keep the emails coming, I love hearing from you and writing with you, but sorry if it takes me some time to answer. Have a great saturday! : )

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I promised you an outfit.. here it is! It’s not very exciting though. But tomorrow, I’ll show you a fabulous new accessory I bought! It starts with faux, and ends with fur.

With my standard carrot, apple and orange juice. Dress: H&M, bag: Chanel, Watch: Guess : )

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Back to school puppy sale

I can’t decide if this is insanely cute, or just plain insane. I’m thinking the latter. What about you guys?

By the way, when we’re talking about dogs. I saw the biggest dog ever in Soho the other day. Compare the freakshow to the man behind him, he was normal size!!

Am I the only one noticing that my blog posts are heading further and further away from fashion? This probably isn’t the best time to tell you that you can nominate my blog for the Vixen Blog Awards.. I don’t think they have a category dedicated to dog talk, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find something that fits. If you wish to nominate me, you can do so here. And I promise to post an outfit tonight!

Btw: Thank you so much for all your comments, emails and Facebook messages. I love hearing from you, so keep em coming <3

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