I just want to thank you sweeties for all the comments and the positive feedback here and on Facebook. Like this message I got the other day..

Fy faens fitte means.. uhm.. You can find out for yourselves : )

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how I made this trip possible in terms of money, apartment and everything else, so I made a page called “make it possible” with all the information. So check it out if you’re thinking of doing the same thing as me, otherwise it will be a snooze fest to read : )

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So last nigh I was supposed to go out with my promotor and a bunch of girls. So I thought; shit! I need to get new heels, a new clutch, a new perfume and a new self tanner! So I ran to Soho, and got this:

Shoes from Steve Madden

Clutch bag from Mango (needed a fun one since my outfit was all black)

Perfume from Versace

Self tanning set from Sephora.

But then I remembered.. I’m sick. I haven’t gotten better yet, and there’s no way I can go out. Story of my life..

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East Village

I’ve spent the morning doing laundry, which in my world means showering my clothes with shampoo. It works like a charm! And they smell great! Hah. So now I was thinking exploring the East Village, and then a walk in Central Park with a friend later. Have a great day everyone : )

Btw: How cute is this shirt my sister gave me for my b-day? From Benetton : )

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So last night I went to MoMa (the museum of modern art), but I didn’t really get the arty aspect of it all.. Take a look for yourselves..

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* I took a walk in Central Park, shopped at 5th avenue then continued on shopping in Soho.

* I was almost punched by a crazy man in a military suit who ran at me showing  me the finger while screaming like a mad man. He was extremely similar to Spencer Pratt. Hmm.. That’s nice..

* I’ve walked around in my underwear eating sushi in my apartment. Ahh, the sweet life of loneliness.

* I’m pretty sure I saw Tom Hanks at Bergdorfs

* I was approached by a promotor on the street, who asked me if I wanted a free facial, manicure, pedicure, hair treatment, haircut, highlights, full body massage etc at the Bergdorf Goodman Spa, which was worth over 400$ combined. I was like “where do I sign!?”

* I’ve bought something that I’ve been wanting for a long time (and tons of things that were more on the impulsive side..)

* I was told by my new friend (presuming a girl I made small talk with in the elevator qualifies as a friend) that my new manly voice was very sexy. I beg to differ..

* I’m saw a man masturbate on the subway..

* I’ve spent too many thousands on shopping..

* I left this dress at Topshop without buying it.. And now I can’t stop thinking about it.. Crap..

Now I was thinking watching the sunset over Empire State Building from the rooftop terrace while I read my new fashion magazines.

So long <3

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