Ten things you didn’t know about me

– Ever since I learned to speak, I’ve mixed the words watermelon and jelly fish. I simply cannot learn to say it correctly, it’s too late. I’ll be like “careful, don’t swim there, there’s a huge watermelon with really long threads in the water!!”

– When I graduated from 10th grade, everyone in my class got picture frames with their “class title”. Everyone else got like “The class’ best mathematician” or “The class’ best soccer player” and cool stuff like that.. I got “The class’ best shopper”

– I have absolutely no knowledge of music whatsoever. I know nothing. I couldn’t name a band if I got a million dollars. And I always love songs about 5 years after everyone else. Right now, I’m loving JayZ – History. Hah.

– I had over 100 sick days, and I don’t even wanna tell you how many hours, at high school. Still, I got around 5 in average.

– My favorite place in the world is our country house in Kristiansand. There’s nothing in the world that beats a summer on the southern coast of Norway. My family has always had two country houses there, one on each side of the city centre. Now we’ve sold one of them though, which breaks my heart a little bit :/

– I’m the WORST dancer ever. Seriously. I couldn’t dance to save my life! I have absolutely no body rhythm, nor do I have any form of body control. When I attempt to dance, I just look like a person with a major case of tics. So I only dance when I’m super drunk.. One time Tonje and I were going out, I made her watch dancing tutorials on youtube with me. Haha. We watched a video called “sexy club dancing”, and rehearsed every step. It didn’t help though. So if anyone sees my out at a club at home, and I’m moving towards the dance floor,  please feel free to give me a good push in the opposite direction!

– When I was little, my older brother generously gave me a black round candy. I of course ate it. Turned out, it was a fish eye. Thanks alot!! Never easy being the youngest..

– The first time I tried mini skis at Geilo, I totally lost control, and went like a lightening down the hill until I crashed in a tree. I have a huge scar on my back as a memory. Great success. I’ve stayed true to my snowboard ever since..

– We have a lot of weird things in our garden. Among others is a house with 500 years old blood crosses, and a fish pond with a turtle named Arnold in it.

– I was the captain of my soccer team for many years, until I was removed from the position for making the other girls cry.. It’s not my fault they were crybabies!!!

Why don’t you share some fun facts about yourselves? : )

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I really have the sweetest readers in the whole wide world. You’re so nice, and leave the sweetest comments all the time. I’ve been getting a lot of new readers, which I’m beyond thrilled about. I really appreciate every single one of you. So.. Tomorrow I’ll post a small contest, with cute prizes. Be sure to check back in : ) – Love Cath

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Discussion: The Homeless..

So I would like to address an issue I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately. I can’t make up my mind about it, and I would love to hear your opinions and insights. I’m talking about the homeless people of New York. The ones who sit on street corners begging for money, sleep on benches in the parks, carry their whole life with them in shopping carts.. Many of them seem to be in such good shape, and actually quite healthy. My question is: Should I give them my hard earned money? Why can’t they get jobs of their own? Do I have any right to be “annoyed” when a perfectly healthy young gentleman come towards me with a cup full of coins, and sticks it up in my face? Maybe it’s hard getting jobs in New York City, but I’m sure that a country as big as the United States must have plenty of options nationally. Is it correct calling some of the homeless guys lazy? (NB; some of them, not all) And should I take responsibility for some of these gentlemen’s lack of good judgement? This does of course not go for everyone. Many homeless people make an effort for their donations. I love it when they come in to subway trains and start singing. Even if they sound horrible. They make an effort.

I feel like I have no real foundation for forming opinions on this matter, and I would love for you guys to educate me a little bit. Please, voice your opinions. Who are these people? Why aren’t they working? Should I give every homeless guy I meet money, or are there differences among them?

You can of course write in Norwegian. Hope to see lots of different opinions, and maybe get a good and educational discussion going here.

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Strolling alongside Hudson River

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it earlier, but almost every night I powerwalk or jog alongside Hudson River. It’s so freakishly beautiful. So, as the devoted blogger I am, I brought my camera along for a walk so I could show you.

No, I’m not drunk (not much anyway), just high on life : )

These streets will make you feel brand new, these lights will inspire you..

Cath in the jungle..

The most important thing after a walk, is buying ice cream. Sugar is healthy, right? :S

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Zara Knit Collection

As you know, I’m obsessed with the Knitwear Collection from Zara. I already got a coat and a skirt, but now I’m thinking about this bag too. My sister bought it yesterday, and I just love it. Imagine this for winter with black boots, jeans, a black wool coat and a huge white scarf. It will look beyond adorable.

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Stars and stripes

Without the stars..

Jacket: Asos, Tee: H&M, Bag: Mulberry Alexa, Shoes: Steve Madden

Btw: Check out this article at Side2. This is my first mention in the media, I’m so happy. And in addition, my favorite blogger for the last two years, Nette Nestea, has named me blog of the week. Check it out here. I’m thrilled! I love her blog, and I feel so honored. This calls for celebration. To Saks 5th avenue everyone!!


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And the winners are..

Congrats : ) Will the winners please send me their names and addresses to cathrineheienberg@hotmail.com? I felt so bad choosing only 10 of you, so I might just choose another 10 in a couple of days.. Stay tuned : )

Like I said yesterday; Brun og Blid are having problems producing the cards, something with a new design or whatever, so I haven’t received them yet!! Sorry :/ But I’ll of course send them to you the minute I get them : )

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