Latest Favorites

1. Favorite picture

This one of my new little buddy, Pelle. How freakin’ adorable?!

2. Favorite outfit

I loved this one that I wore a few weeks back! Super comfy and chic..

3. Favorite food 

I’m so obsessed with these sugar free pancakes still!

4. Favorite buy 

No doubt – my new belt from «B-Low The Belt».

5. Favorite song 

«Frank Ocean – Chanel»

6. Favorite decor buy 

My new candle holder from Bohus. I use it every day!

7. Favorite trip 

No doubt – New Yoooork 

8. Favorite day 

This past Friday which was spent with my family at my brother’s summer house and tons of animals, and with friends and wine at night.

9. Favorite night 

The surprise party we threw for my bestie Tonje, who’s moving to Switzerland in just a couple of days. Can’t wait to visit!

10. Favorite thing to look forward to 

Los Angeles baby!!!!

♥ ♥ ♥

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