Fake It Till You Make It

Faux Fur: Frontrowshop // Jeans: Asos // Boots: Bianco // Blouse: BikBok // Sunnies: Ebay

I’m beyond obsessed with this faux fur coat! I’ve been looking for the perfect one since forever, but I find most of them so huge and unflattering. All though this one is fluffy, it’s still more subtle, and the different gradings are just to die for. This was Saturday’s look, right now I’m still in my workout clothes after this week’s second run. After a long and hot shower my boyfriend and I are off to buy some supplies for the pop up shop. All the clothes are fresh and clean now, and what feels like thousands of pieces need a price tag. I’ve heard so little from you about the pop up shop, will I see any of you there?? I hope lots of you come, I have soo many pretty clothes to sell, and of course I want to see all of your pretty faces as well. I know so little about you guys, even though I’ve been blogging for years, so this pop up shop isn’t just an occasion to sell clothes, it’s also sort of a meet&greet with the girls I’m writing to every day. So please come, you’ll make me so happy! Now it’s shower time, wishing everyone a fantastic day♥

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  1. Amelia says

    Hi Cathy, great pictures! ;) I have to write you a joke that I read this morning in newspapers :) I hope I’ll give U good translation, so U can understand joke :D This joke immediately remindes me of you haha (because of country)…

    Two friends are talking on the phone.
    Friend A: Hey, man, where are you, what’s new?
    Friend B: Hey hey, I’m on vacation, guess where!
    Friend A: Hmmm, I don’t know, where?
    Friend B: I’m in Norway, maaaan!
    Friend A: Norway???! Really??? But… Where is Norway?
    Friend B: Do you have a globe?
    Friend A: Yes, and…?
    Frined B: Norway is right down the screw!


    Bye byeee

  2. Amelia says

    Hahaha… I’m sorry, maybe jokes in my country are not funny to you, but the point is that friend B didn’t know where the Norway is placed. And friend A told him Norway is placed right down the screw on the globe

    (i don’t know correct translation for word screw, but you can see on this link what I mean whit that word:

    http://www.bug.hr/_cache/8fa95504f182ec580bba4485e5b9a851.jpg )

    Hahaha, I’m sorry if my translation is not good :D

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