Latest Looks

Hi loves♥ Sorry for the spam of the earlier post, suddenly the post was published seven times, and I wasn’t able to delete them! Luckily the Stylista team fixed it for me, phiew. Now I’m gonna end this nice Sunday with a little home spa so I feel fresh and ready to take on a new week tomorrow morning. Today has been utterly relaxed, except for a long walk in the woods with Helene and visiting my nephiew for a little play date. On Tuesday school starts for me, so these last days of xmas break will be enjoyed to the fullest! I’m excited for shooting outfits with Julia before school again though, I love our little routine. Below you can see my latest looks, what’s your favorite? I think mine must be number 3 and 5♥

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Today’s Wishlist

1: Here / 2: Here / 3: Here / 4: Here / 5: Here / 6: Here / 7: Here / 8: Here (black here) / 9: Here / 10: Here / 11: Here / 12: Here

The spring collections are already hitting the stores, and I just can’t take all the pretty clothes! I mean, that leather jacket.. If that isn’t perfection, I don’t know what is! I’m also dying over the pale blue and pink coats, so freakin’ pretty. I think I’ll go for the blue one, even though I feel like I need the pink one as well. And the dotted dress will be perfect inside the leather jacket! I think this little shopping spree will be my reward for working so hard this fall. There’s always a good excuse to shop♥

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2014 Favorites

Favorite moment

It’s hard to choose, but I think it might be this moment right here. With the the people I love the most in this world (a few are missing though): My boyfriend, parents and sister, on the top of a cliff in the desert in Utah, overlooking the sunset and Colorado River, after having the time of our life driving a huge jeep through the crazy beautiful desert. 

Favorite trip

This summer’s road trip in the US, of course. 

Favorite event

Most definitely Nelly’s party brunch in Stockholm. That event was so crazy! 

Favorite picture

I have so many favorites (most of them from the US), but I think this one is pretty amazing. Mother nature at her finest!

Favorite location

Again, hard to choose, but I think it must be standing in front of the Hollywood sign. I saw so many amazing places in the US, but this had been a dream for so many years.. 

Favorite new friendship

I think that must be with my love Annette. We’ve known each other for years, but in 2014 we became ten times closer. The more I get to know that girl, the more I love her. Now we have no filter when we talk, which is hilarious. Like when she told me that when I curled her hair in Copenhagen the year before, she secretly hated the result but pretended that she loved it so she wouldn’t hurt my feelings, hahaha. Adorable! 

Favorite book I read

‘Bli best med mental trening’ by Erik Bertrand Larssen was pretty great. I love eye-opening books that teach me how I can be better, do better, feel better and live better. 

Favorite challenge

Definitely starting school. After blogging full time for nearly four years it was great to have totally different challenges to overcome, and even though the exam period was really tough, it was SO worth it. I don’t regret it for a second. 

Favorite realization

I can’t pinpoint one realization, but I’m constantly trying to improve the way I think. Being grateful and happy, and constantly remending myself that I’m good enough. ‘There is no need to have it all, just make the best of what you have‘. 2014 was a year where I really improved my way of thinking, and now I don’t pay any time to think about silly insecurities. 

Favorite dress

I love the grey wrap dress from Nelly that I’ve showed you several times, but I think the number one favorite must be this one. The cut is perfect, the color is fun, and I spent three hours next to Channing Tatum in this one, hah. That qualifies for a favorite. 

Favorite night

My birthday bash! It was such a perfect night with almost all my closest friends gathered, and the house was just filled with happiness, laughter, yummy food and even yummier drinks. 

Favorite day

My birthday, of course!

Favorite song

I’m actually not really sure, so I checked Spotify to see which songs I listened to the most in 2014: 1. Bastille – Of the night, 2. Rather be – Clean Bandit, 3. Hold on, we’re going home – Drake, 4: All of me – John Legend, 5. Happy – Pharrel Williams. 

Favorite tv-show

Again, impossible to choose! But here are my top three favorites; The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Scandal and Keeping up With The Kardashians. 

Favorite feeling

The feeling of handing in my last exam before Christmas! Working super hard on something for months, then finishing, is there any better feeling? I haven’t gotten any grades back yet, but I think and hope they all went pretty well. 

Favorite food

My favorite food is definitely tacos, pizza and sushi. What I’ve made the most in 2014 is probably my lowcarb pizza, yum!

Favorite outfit

Favorite new experience

Riding a helicopter was pretty cool. Especially with my boyfriend next to me, and Las Vegas and Grand Canyon under me. 

♥ ♥ ♥

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⋆ Snapchats of 2014 ⋆

Hi lovelies♥ Last night was so much fun! My friend Oda is moving to Australia for three years soon, and next week is her birthday, so of course a surprise party was in order. We were about thirty people surprising her, and the look on her face was priceless! I was completely exhausted after Barry’s Bootcamp though, and all I wanted to do was to lay down and sleep. I thought a tough workout before going out would make me feel fresh as a peach, but that totally backfired, haha. I ended up spending four hours drinking one single glass of wine, and went home early. I love not having a hangover, but the feeling I have in my body now is seriously worse than a hangover! I’ve never been this sore in my whole life. It feels like my thighs, shoulders and abs have been stabbed, and everytime I try to move it feels like I’m beeing attacked with an axe. I move like a turtle, and cry a little tear every time Bella needs to go out to pee and I have to get up to open the door, hah. Hopefully my body will get more used to the insane workouts after a while! 

So anywho, I’ve been thinking. Snapchat is only getting bigger and bigger, and it’s one of my favorite apps. A lot of people have their MyStories open so that everyone can see them, and I thought it was time that I joined in on the fun. You can follow me at @cathinthecity ♥ I usually only use Snapchat to send hilarious snaps with my friends that can never ever be seen by anyone else, haha. But I took a look through the Snapchat album on my phone, where all the snaps that I’ve saved are stored. Here’s the blogable ones from 2014, most of them were for me and my friends’ eyes only, haha. 

The three last ones are from last night. Haha my face after Barrys! Other snaps I love is when I did a makover on Fride, Bella’s haircut, and all the ones involving my wonderful friends. Today I think I’m just going to stay in bed, as I literally can’t move without crying. Do anyone have any tips for sore muscles? Anything that helps?♥

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Weekend Wishlist

– adlinks – 

1: Here // 2: Here // 3: Here // 4: Here (Black here) // 5: Here (Black here) // 6: Here // 7: Here // 8: Here // 9: Here 


It’s been a while since my last online shopping round, so after today’s super tough workout I thought I’d reward myself with some new goodies. I always love an excuse to shop! I almost fell of my chair when I saw the pink furry bag, needless to say that is going to be mine as soon as possible! The white chunky heels will also be in my shopping cart, along with the popcorn sweater, the perfect trench and the light grey wrap dress. Such pretty things! Don’t forget the sale here too, which is filled up with lots of prettiness! 

Right now I’m completely dead after today’s bootcamp. The workout was so freakin’ tough, and I really gave it my all. I actually surprised myself and did much better than I thought I would, so that was really fun. We sprinted on the threadmill, did strenght excersises, then back to the threadmill, and back and forth for 60 minutes. Phiew!! I’m going back on Monday, and I can’t wait. Now it’s time for a cozy night with friends, have a good one loves♥


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Happy New Year

A little late, but happy new year lovelies! Did you have a good celebration last night? Mine was super fun! We had dinner at my parents’ house with fabulous guests, played with my nephew and played boardgames (Alias is so much fun!), and of course took care of a very frightened little doggie. Poor thing, she was so scared! Around 2am when the fireworks ended my boyfriend and I headed to a party where all his friends were, and ended up dancing the night away until 7 in the morning. So much fun!! This is the only picture I took last night though, right before we headed to dinner, with flowers in hand for my parents’ 32nd wedding anniversary. All in all, the night was a perfect way to welcome the new year! 2015 has so far been spent on the couch though, am I the only one? I think the resolutions will have to wait until tomorrow, haha. I hope you all had lots of fun♥♥

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Pretty Little Something

Hi loves! I’ve probably had the laziest day of the year today, haha. I’ve spent all day in the couch on my phone and computer eating leftover candy, but a while ago I felt too bad about it so I went out for a long walk in the rain. Now I’m back and cold, and I’m gonna go back to the couch and have a little movie night. Gotta love the holidays! My latest obsession is Vine by the way, I’ve spent too many hours looking through videos today! Now I seriously check it more than Instagram. Some people to follow is @brittanyfurlan, @loganpaul, @rudymancuso, @kingbach, @lelepons, @elisabethjakovenko and @jessismiles. You seriously have to download that app and check out their profiles, I’ve been crying of laughter today, hah. They all have Snapchat too, so much funniness! I don’t know if that’s a word, and frankly I don’t care. Anyhow, above you can see this month’s favorite pretty little things. Pretty flowers, candles, chic books and of course; My new polaroid camera that I got for Christmas. I can’t wait to start using it! I feel like the pictures turn out so much more authentic and charming with a polaroid, if that makes sense♥

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2014 Recap Pt. II

May was an incredibly fun and eventful month, and the start of the best summer of my life. The biggest thing that happened in May was that I got a complete house makeover in collaboration with Sorelle

Ulrikke came to Bergen, and we had the best girlsnight.. 

Some looks of May..

I went to Oslo several times, and saw my Oslo-bound besties.. 

More looks..

Fride and I went to Stockholm to celebrate Nelly’s 10 years birthday party. So fun! 

My favorite outfit of the month..


June was seriously the coolest month of my life! Over three weeks were spent in the US! I went with my boyfriend and my parents, and together we went to a little town in the desert where my big sis was doing research for her masters degree in geology. After that my boyfriend and I explored more of the US on our own.. First up was Las Vegas! Not really my kinda town, but it was definitely fun to experience it..

From Las Vegas we went to Williams/Arizona, and then the mighty Grand Canyon..

Up next was the incredible city of Moab, Utah, where we picked up my sister and spent an amazing few days exploring the unbelievable nature..

We rafted in Colorado River, went on a sunset safari in the desert which was the scariest and most fun thing ever at the same time, visited incredible sights around the desert, and saw 180 million years old dinosaur prints..

After Moab we went back to Las Vegas, and my boyfriend got his birthday gift; A helicopter ride over Vegas, then to Grand Canyon with a champagne lunch right down in the middle. SO COOL!

My parents and sister went home, and my boyfriend and I headed to LA. We stayed in an amazing house in Beverly Hills for a week, and got to see so much. We went to Malibu, Laguna Beach, La Jolla and San Diego, in addition to checking out the regular must-sees like Santa Monica, Hollywood, Venice, just to name a few..

Most fun vacay ever! 


Then we drove up Highway One, and ended up in San Fransisco where we spent a few days before going home. I definitely need to go back there! 

My little home and I were featured in Det Nye Interiør..

And finally, some looks from the month..


July was spent enjoying the amazing summer weather in Bergen.. 

My home and I were featured in Rom 123, this time with my closet being the focus..

Fride and I went on a roadtrip up the west coast of Norway..

Some looks from the month..

I spent a lot of time at my brother’s new summer house at Bjorøy..

Then a week was spent at my favorite place on earth, our family summer house in Kristiansand..

Lots of fun nights with friends was of course also on the menu.. 

Some looks from the month.. 


August started with a super fun trip to Copenhagen with Annette and the Olympus team, to attend fashion week. We had so much fun! We did a photo shoot, and I lost pretty much half of my hair during the crazy teasing..

I started working with Olympus, and absolutely loved the cameras..

I also started working with Specsavers, with my amazing fellow ambassadors Kristina, Espen and Ulrikke. Several trips to Oslo and fun photoshoots with the team happened this month..

Some looks from the month!

And of course, the biggest event of August; I started school! The school year was kicked off with a full week of crazy partying 24/7, which completely wore me out even though I didn’t attend all the events.. I’m getting old! 

And of course, it was my birthday, which is always my favorite day of the year.. 

I hope you find this lookback as fun as I do! So much happened this summer, so it was so nice to go back in the archives and make a little summary. Best summer ever♥♥

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Last Night’s Look

cathinthecity girls night out jumpsuit nelly fashion blog cathrine heienberg

Last night was one of the most fun nights I’ve had in ages. I can’t even tell you how good it feels not having any school work having over me! Or okay, I’m sure a lot of you have the same feeling right now, it’s freakin’ amazing right? False lashes on, extensions in my hair, bright pink lips and I was ready to go! 

cathinthecity girls night out jumpsuit nelly fashion blog cathrine heienberg

Do you notice my slightly blonder hair, and covered roots by the way? A few days ago I went to Digg Hair Studio to get my hair holiday-ready, and the super sweet Eirin did such a good job. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Digg Hair Studio is by far the best hair salon in Bergen! You can reach them at 55 32 11 11♥ (sponsored)

cathinthecity girls night out jumpsuit nelly fashion blog cathrine heienberg

Miss Big Ass, haha..

cathinthecity girls night out jumpsuit nelly fashion blog cathrine heienberg

My jumpsuit is from Nelly, but it’s unfortunately sold out. I actually can’t remember who sent me the necklace, which is a little embarrassing, but I think it’s super pretty. We gathered a bunch of lovely girls and one lovely boy at Kristin’s house, before going out dancing the night away. So much fun! I also met lots of super sweet blog readers, which I always think is a blast. Today I’m actually not hungover at all, which is weird as I was pretty tipsy last night, haha. I only drank water at the club, so I guess that’s why. A little tips for you who usually get super hungover like me, only water after midnight! Now I’m gonna get ready to spend the evening with friends cooking yummy Vietnamese food, which I’m so excited about. Have a good one darlings♥

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I’m Ready

Hi lovelies! This morning I woke up to snow up to my knees, so the planned run was replaced by playing in the snow with Bella for hours. She got totally buried in all the snow, but she loved every second of it, haha. I still wanted to show you the new Nikes that my boyfriend got me for Christmas, he did such a good job this year! The only thing on my wishlist from him was to wake up to a Christmas stocking, but he got me so many pretty things. How adorable are these?!

My friends and I have big workout plans for the new year (who doesn’t, haha), so now I’m really ready for 2015. 

The trainers matched the rest of my workout gear perfectly, so I’m looking at a very pink and active new year. 

Now it’s time to hop in the shower and get ready for today’s festivities. In a few hours another family gathering is on the menu, and after that I’m going out with all my best girlfriends. I can’t wait! Have a lovely day you guys♥

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