The Old Town

I usually try to only post high quality photos on my blog, but sometimes iPhone pictures capture the setting so well. Lower quality of course, but I think they have their charm. This is from last night, in the gorgeous old town here in Rethymnon. It was so incredibly pretty there, can’t wait to go back tonight! I’ll bring my Canon camera for sure, so I can show you how pretty everything is. We’ve had bad luck with the restaurants so far though.. The first day the staff just wouldn’t leave us alone. You know the drill “Hii, halloo, Norway? Sweden? Yeeah “tosen tack” hahahaha, Scandinavia wohoo” every two minutes. Not to be rude or anything, but after a long day in the sun you don’t want to shake hands and exchange business cards with ten different waiters while trying to eat your dinner. I’m such a germ freak, so that kinda stuff freaks me out. The hand shaking, that is..  Last night we found the cutest little restaurant which also showed the EM match on a big screen, seemed so perfect! But no, there were these ridiculously loud screams which came every ten seconds, which almost scared me to death every time, and we couldn’t figure out where the screams came from. Then we noticed the parrot in the corner, who screamed all through the dinner. Haha. Gosh, I must seem like a total brat complaining about these things, but I simply like some peace and quiet while having dinner.. Oh well, I guess it has its charm as well. Now we’re headed for the beach, have a wonderful day sweets♥

Crazy eyes.. I was wearing a skirt from H&M, Converse, a top from Asos and a bag from Accessorize :)

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Beach Day

My blog posts on this vacation seem to be just ‘hi and bye’, but I don’t have that much time to blog, as I don’t want to keep my boyfriend and sister waiting for me all the time.. But.. HI :D We’ve had a fantastic day on the beach, even though I don’t have the patience to just lay and tan. I’m mostly in the water, love bathing! I feel like a 12 year old, but at least I’m having fun. Speaking of having fun, my boyfriend and I played around with my new underwater camera today, so fun!! I tried to look cute while swimming under water, with my hand on my nose and my eyes totally shut, but turns out it’s impossible. The pictures cracked me up, but blog material? Don’t think so.. I won’t give up yet though, we’ll try again tomorrow. Now we’re getting ready to go out to dinner, can’t wait to try some of the dishes you guys suggested. Have a wonderful evening loves♥♥

My love<3

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Early Mornings

Good morning lovebugs :) I’m so tired today, as my sister and boyfriend jump out of bed like 6.30am, and try to drag me up way too early. I’m always happy afterwards though, it just feels like the worst form of torture the first few minutes.. Now we’re ready for the beach, and I’m gonna be so tan when today’s over, seriously! I thought I was pretty tan once I got here, then I exfoliated all the self tanning leftovers off, and I was white as a sheet. Not even remotely cool.

Bright and early this morning. So sunny, I love it!!

Have a great day sweet readers ♥♥

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Some snapshots from today so far.. I love it here♥ The last years I haven’t wanted to go on these charter trips at all, I’ve thought they’re for families with small children and older people. But I have to say, I aint hatin’ it!! From now on, two charter trips a year, at least!!

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In Greece

Good morning sweets :) We’re finally here, and it feels amazing! The trip went great and the weather is just perfect! Wii. I’m still feeling a bit woozy after yesterday though. So annoying with the pain from the fall, especially on my ankle, elbow and the whole face. It could’ve gone a lot worse though, imagine if I landed with my head in the toilet!! Haha. THAT would be bad, I’d take the washing machine over the toilet any day. So I guess I was lucky. Yesterday I just had to lay in bed until we went to the airport, so I didn’t have time to do any of the preps that I was going to do. So my boyfriend and sister are at the beach now, and I’m gonna take long shower, exfoliate so I’m ready for a tan, fix my nails and just relax a bit. Thing’s aren’t half bad right now, I’ll tell you that!

Greece is so pretty<3

I hope all of you are having an amazing day :) We’re probably just gonna hang out at the beach today, then eat yummy Greek food and watch EM. Have a good one♥♥

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London Next

I’m so excited! I’m such a city girl, and I just love walking around in big cities among new people, new surroundings and experience new things. And of course buy a lot of new things!! You are of course joining me!! I made it clear to my friend Mona before we booked the trip that  ” 1. you will have to take a lot of pictures of me for my blog, 2. I will need a few hours to update my blog both days! Take it or leave it! “. Tihi. Luckily, she took it. Anyways, I’m off!! Have a great day my lovlies :*

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