It’s all about the curls

So, now I’m gonna show you how I do my hair like this:

Let me present the main role in this curling process.

No, it’s not a vibrator. It’s my curling iron. It’s like 10 years old, but still works like a charm. I would prefer one that’s much thicker, but I haven’t gotten around to buying it yet..

Start out with completely dry hair. You’ll get the best results if you haven’t washed it for 1-2 days, as the curls will hold much better.

A way of getting the curls to hold better, is to apply hair foam in wet hair, and then hair dry it, prior to the curling. I usually don’t do this though, as my hair just gets sticky. Also, I never use conditioner before curling my hair. It just gets waay too soft, it’s impossible to get the curls to hold.

Grab a small section of hair, like this..

..and let the curling begin. Make sure you always make the curls away from your face.

..hold for maybe a minute, before you let go, and get a curl like this..

..then, you divide the curl into small sections, drag them a little, and mess it up. We don’t want curls that are too stiff, we want it to look natural.

Continue like this until you’ve curled all of your hair. If you have bangs (lugg), do them too. Again, away from your face!

Again, very important to mess it up..

And then.. you spray! Spray a lot, just not too close to the hair, so it won’t get sticky. Make sure you mess your hair around while you’re spraying, to make it more “puffy”.

So, there you have it my ladies : ) How I do my hair! Now remember, I have no idea what I’m doing, so all the hair dressers who read my blog; don’t get heart attacks if I’m doing something completely wrong. Good luck!! : )

Btw: Tomorrow I’m gonna show you another way to get beautiful curls, which only takes 1 minute and is totally free. Be sure to check back in : )

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It’s coming sweeties

So every day I get comments on showing you how I fix my hair. It’s coming! I promise. Just haven’t had the time. I’ll make a fool proof guide tonight, and have it ready for you first thing in the morning : ) So wipe the dust off your curling irons ladies, tomorrow it’s hair fixing time!

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Lipgloss Newbie

I’ve never been a lipgloss girl. I’ve just found it sticky, unpractical and I’ve just never looked good with it. Yesterday I bought a really cute one on Victoria’s Secret (and it tastes so yummy). I need your honest opinion; is this a look I should be going for? And also.. All the lipgloss lovers out there.. How in the world do you combine lipgloss with kissing your boyfriend? And also, what do you do when you’re wearing lipgloss, and all your hair gets stuck all over it?


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Jesus Christ. I think Christmas has thrown up all over Macy’s. Seriously, Macy’s? In September..?

Btw: I’ll announce the winners of the “brun og blid” cards tomorrow. They’re having some technical problems, so I haven’t received the cards yet! But they will be sent as soon as I receive them : ) You can still enter here.

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It’s Saturday Night..

..and I bet a lot of you are going out. Just want to give a little tips for you girlies (and boys for that matter. at this blog, we don’t discriminate ;) ) Wear fake eye lashes! It just lifts the whole look, and gives a little pow to the outfit. It’s so easy to apply if you just concentrate, and it looks good on everyone. Have a great night <3

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