With My Extensions On..

Remember the hair extensions I got in the mail a while back? I’ve only worn them once, much because I thought the color was wrong for me.. I actually dyed them myself about a week ago, which turned out great! So I guess the quality is impeccable : )

My hair is already long enough, but it’s always fun adding a little body to it, especially when I’m going out. But am I the only one getting headaches from extensions? I sort of feel like they’re pulling my hair a little bit, which leads to a dizzy CathInTheCity. Well anyways, my point was, for everyone who swears to extensions, I definitely think I can recommend Rapunzel of Sweden. But I don’t think extensions will ever be my thing..

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Cath Tests

So I know I have long hair and everything. The thing is that it doesn’t have much body; meaning it’s not very thick. So for a long time I’ve been wanting to test extensions just to get more body for when I’m going out and I want to feel extra pretty. So Rapunzel of Sweden sent me these. Love them!

I have color 24, you can find them here. I thought the brown stripes looked lighter on the picture on their website, but I guess there’s nothing my super sweet hairdresser Bella can’t fix. So heres the result:

Okay, I admit it, it looks exactly the same. Haha. But it really isn’t, it’s sooo much thicker now. I think it will be much easier to see if I fix it properly, like make a hairdo or something   : ) I’ll fix that for you so that you can see : ) As far as the extensions go, I’m super duper happy. They are so soft, and look exactly like my own hair. When I’m wearing them, I can’t even tell the difference between my own hair and the extensions. They’re super easy to attach, it took me like 3 minutes, and I haven’t even done it before. So thumbs up for Rapunzel!

The product is sponsored by Rapunzel

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Sunday Giveaway

As I’m feeling horrible today (you know; sneezing, caughing, red eyes, the whole package), I thought I’d at least make someone else happy.. So I’m giving away a Trésemme shampoo and conditioner. They’re really good, I love them! All you need to do is to leave a comment on this post : ) Maybe this can be a good christmas gift if you’re not done with all the girlfriends yet..?

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How To Get My Hairstyles

Since so many of you wanted me to make a “how to” on the bun and the pony tail yesterday, I of course did. Your wish is my command..

The weird thingy that I pull my hair with is from Glitter. At 29kr it’s a bit pricey, but I consider it an investment. The comb and bow is from H&M : )

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