Fake It

I’ve completely fallen in love with my new fake roses from Ikea. I think they’re gorgeous! As I said in the previous post, I sort of despise fake flowers, but these are so pretty.. And just imagine how much I will save on not buying new ones every week!! Well, enough chit chat, here are the roses!

The white ones – 15kr each, I have 12

My table is from a flea market, which I’ve later painted..

The red ones – 19kr each, I have 12 of these too

I’m removing the head band, I just need to come up with a brilliant solution first..

The pool edge that surrounds the apartment is becoming more and more practical.. For those of you who doesn’t know, the apartment used to be a huge pool, and my dad built a house on top of it when we didn’t use the pool anymore (I mean, we live in Bergen..). I actually love it, because since the house is normal height from the outside and we step “down” into the “pool” when we go in, the ceiling is pretty high. I love myself a high ceiling. Buut the pool edge is still there, which is sort of unpractical because we can’t have cabinets and dressers against the walls.. But now I can have lots of flowers and picture frames on them, so I sort of love it :)

And here’s another sneak peek of the apartment.. I love it! It’s so light and bright! But still a lot of tools laying around though.. I seriously can’t wait to show you the before pictures, the difference is bananas!!

I’m definitely going back to buy loads more flowers.. I want the white bouquet in my kitchen (I really need to learn to say “our” haha), and the red one on the dining room table.. But I also want one in my walkin closet as well as in the bedroom.. And on the coffee table.. Jeez, my (our) apartment is gonna look like a big fat fake botanical garden when I’m done with it..

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I’m In Love..

..with my new kitchen!! It’s so perfect!!! It’s exactly how I imagined it, only much prettier!! I wish I had a before picture to show you, but unfortunately I don’t :/ But I have before pictures of the rest of the apartment, and trust me, you’re gonna laugh when you see the difference!! Anyways, imagine this; A kitchen with blue doors and drawers with yellow flowers painted all over them!! Hahaha. And the bench was in some kind of pine color.. Well, this is how it looks now;

I’m in the process of washing all the glasses and plates before placing them in the cabinets, so that’s why there’s wine and champagne glasses all over the place.. :) Anyways, I absolutely love the result!!!

The knobs are from Home&Cottage, and the marble bench is from Obs Bygg (fancy, haha). Everything’s painted in high gloss white, and we have an almost white floor from Gulvdeal.no.

These cute cups are from Living.

I can’t decide if I love or hate these glasses, but I think I love them. They’re hand painted, from Living. The popcorn and candy bowls are from Traktøren, but I think they have them everywhere :)

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Sneak Peek

Hiiiiii superstars!! I’m the happiest girl in the world!! Woho. We just picked up all of our furniture, and I love everything so much!!!!! Seriously, I just know that the apartment is gonna be perfect!!!! Here are a few sneak peeks;

An antique dresser. I love it so much!! You know how I love contrasts in my outfits, and I’m exactly the same with furniture. The apartment is pretty modern looking now with all white walls, white ceiling and almost white floor, so this antique look is absolutely perfect to create a little edge.

The dining room chairs! Need I say that I love those too? The buttons just make them look so pretty!! And they’re so comfortable, and I love that they’re high in the back.

The TV bench. It’s in black metal or something, and I think it creates the perfect balance to all the girly stuff in the apartment. My boyfriend chose this one, and I think it’s nice that he has a say too. I think it’s super cool.

Some pillows I’ve gathered, mostly from H&M Home and Ikea. I also have more from Living and I’ve ordered even more from H&M Home online (you can find the store here, they have such pretty stuff). I’m having all white cushions in the couch, but in the bed I’ll have a mix of both white and black cushions, as the chandelier that goes on top of the bed is in an antique black finish.

By the way, everything is stored in my parent’s house for now, so everything you see in the background is not or apartment.. Just so you know :)

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Apartment Obsession

Hi loves! I’m having another great day filled with interior shopping. I’m completely obsessed, haha. My mom and I went to this fabric store to find some cute fabric to hang in my bedroom/walkincloset. The bedroom and the closet is actually in the same room, but I wanted something to separate the two. I found this heavenly white chiffon-ish fabric which is gonna hang from the ceiling almost like curtains and all the way down to the floor, which I think will look super cute. Right on top of the bed I’m having a huge chandelier, so I think that will look great with the “curtains”. Do you even care? I think not.. I’ll zip it!

Here’s the fabric, in case some of you want to see :)

The store is pretty awesome! It’s huge, and reminds me of Moods from Project Runway (I’m obsessed with that show).

I also got my new floor today (this one), which we (we meaning my boyfriend) will start doing tomorrow. Then we’re almost ready to move in!! Yay! And I’ll of course show you LOTS of pictures of our new little dream house. It’s gonna be so preeettyyy!

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Hi loves! I’m having a great day! Or okay, I’m sort of pissed off at myself, but mostly happy. I have two photo shoots in the next week, and I know how badly my skin reacts to alcohol. I always break out in spots, and after two days out in three days, the result is horrible! So annoyed!!! So I started the day with a full body scrub, lots of body lotion, self tanning and home spa, I feel so much better already! Fingers crossed that everything goes away till Sunday. Otherwise I guess Photoshop will be my best friend. Now I’m heading out to do some interior shopping. I’m obsessed!! I even took pictures of all the walls yesterday, and edited in photoshop how I imagined it looking when it’s done. Haha. I need a life!! I’m obsessed with antique books for decoration, so I’m headed to Fretex to see if I can find some goodies. Have a great day everyone :*

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Jewelry Keeper

I’ve been looking for a cute jewelry keeper for all of my jewelry, and today I found the perfect one at Bohus! I love it. Okay, it could have been high gloss white, but it’s close to perfect. It was 149kr. I think I might buy one or two more, so I really get a system in all of my mess.  I love it!! (There’s a glass surface in case you didn’t notice)

Speaking of interior, here’s a sneak peek of the apartment. This one is taken from the kitchen and towards the living room. I’m sooo excited to get it all done, and super excited to show everything to you guys! A lot of work still needs to be done though..

And this is my handsome roomie to be! <3

This is my favorite corner of the terrace. Love it!!

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Bergen Tips: Løiten Lys

So this is the super charming store I visited on my birthday, Løiten Lys. I love it!! They have so much cute stuff. They have a sick variation of candles in all shapes and sizes, as well as cute decorations and little apartment things. You simply have to visit if you live in Bergen! The prices aren’t too bad either. You can find them where the Rema1000 on Fjøsanger used to be, on the second floor. Go go go!!

Edit: Apparently they have one on Bryggen also, as well as other places in the country. Awesome!! :)

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I found these adorable diamond kitchen knobs, which will go on every one of my drawers and cabinets in my white and bright kitchen. Perfection!!

They’re from Home&Cottage :)

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Interior Tips

Hi loves! I’m just taking a break from painting my new apartment, to share a little interior tips with you guys. So here it is; Go to Fretex or a flea market, find something you love, and personalize it! I’m doing a lot of white high gloss in my apartment, I just love how it looks, super fancy. So about 5 years ago I found this table at a flea market for like nothing, but it really didn’t match the color scheme of the apartment, it was way too yellow-y. So I just painted it in a super white high gloss color, and look how pretty the result was!!

I might do two strokes, just to make it perfect. It’s very important to check back after like 10 minutes to see if there are any drops of paint anywhere, and fix this. I can’t wait to place a huge stack of pretty flowers on this table when we move in! Which will be sooner than we thought by the way, hopefully within two weeks. Yay!!!!

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Budget Friendly Apartment Finds

So these are my newest apartment buys. I love them all! I really want a pair of super pretty crystal candlesticks, but I wanted to find an alternative that works for now.. It’s really important to me to find cheap options to everything, just as long as it doesn’t involve bad quality products. My dad has taught me that since I was little.. Even though you have a lot of money, it’s always important to think budget!! So without further ado, here are my pretty budget finds!

Candlesticks 98kr each, Nille. The long candles were 59kr for a package of 10 or 20 or something.. These are super tall, and will look wonderful on my dining room table.

Candle holders, 24kr each, Nille.

Picture frames, 49kr and 79kr, Kid Interiør.

How do you like my new cheap finds? :)

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