Jewelry Keeper

I’ve been looking for a cute jewelry keeper for all of my jewelry, and today I found the perfect one at Bohus! I love it. Okay, it could have been high gloss white, but it’s close to perfect. It was 149kr. I think I might buy one or two more, so I really get a system in all of my mess.  I love it!! (There’s a glass surface in case you didn’t notice)

Speaking of interior, here’s a sneak peek of the apartment. This one is taken from the kitchen and towards the living room. I’m sooo excited to get it all done, and super excited to show everything to you guys! A lot of work still needs to be done though..

And this is my handsome roomie to be! <3

This is my favorite corner of the terrace. Love it!!

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Bergen Tips: Løiten Lys

So this is the super charming store I visited on my birthday, Løiten Lys. I love it!! They have so much cute stuff. They have a sick variation of candles in all shapes and sizes, as well as cute decorations and little apartment things. You simply have to visit if you live in Bergen! The prices aren’t too bad either. You can find them where the Rema1000 on Fjøsanger used to be, on the second floor. Go go go!!

Edit: Apparently they have one on Bryggen also, as well as other places in the country. Awesome!! :)

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I found these adorable diamond kitchen knobs, which will go on every one of my drawers and cabinets in my white and bright kitchen. Perfection!!

They’re from Home&Cottage :)

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Interior Tips

Hi loves! I’m just taking a break from painting my new apartment, to share a little interior tips with you guys. So here it is; Go to Fretex or a flea market, find something you love, and personalize it! I’m doing a lot of white high gloss in my apartment, I just love how it looks, super fancy. So about 5 years ago I found this table at a flea market for like nothing, but it really didn’t match the color scheme of the apartment, it was way too yellow-y. So I just painted it in a super white high gloss color, and look how pretty the result was!!

I might do two strokes, just to make it perfect. It’s very important to check back after like 10 minutes to see if there are any drops of paint anywhere, and fix this. I can’t wait to place a huge stack of pretty flowers on this table when we move in! Which will be sooner than we thought by the way, hopefully within two weeks. Yay!!!!

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Budget Friendly Apartment Finds

So these are my newest apartment buys. I love them all! I really want a pair of super pretty crystal candlesticks, but I wanted to find an alternative that works for now.. It’s really important to me to find cheap options to everything, just as long as it doesn’t involve bad quality products. My dad has taught me that since I was little.. Even though you have a lot of money, it’s always important to think budget!! So without further ado, here are my pretty budget finds!

Candlesticks 98kr each, Nille. The long candles were 59kr for a package of 10 or 20 or something.. These are super tall, and will look wonderful on my dining room table.

Candle holders, 24kr each, Nille.

Picture frames, 49kr and 79kr, Kid Interiør.

How do you like my new cheap finds? :)

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Apartment Sneak Peek

Good morning loves! No Monday blues here, this week’s gonna be amazing!! :) I get to see many of my friends again, I’ll finally get my roots done, I’m going to Oslo for a meeting, and I just placed a huge order at Asos. Pus, Brann won yesterday, wii!! It’s pouring down outside, but who cares? Okay, I care.. I’m meeting up with Amalie downtown in a few hours, so it would be amazeballs if the rain stopped!! Before that I have a ton of emails to answer, a lot of painting to do and a new nail polish to apply. This is where I’m spending my days by the way, the first sneak peek of the apartment! I’m in charge of painting the walls white! We’re also changing the floors, which I’m super excited about..

Fun fact; Our apartment used to be a huge pool, and the edge of the pool is still there! Haha. Looks a little funny, but we’ll just rock it I guess. I’ll place a lot of flowers, picture frames and candles on them :)

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Cath’s Tips For Remodeling Apartments

If it’s one thing that’s constantly on my mind, it’s the remodeling of my me and my boyfriend’s new apartment!! I’m sooo excited, I can’t even tell you!! I’m looking for pretty things for it all the time, but I’m so picky. I want it to be perfect!! I want it to be the perfect reflection of who I am, without it being too girly. My boyfriend has put me in charge of everything esthetic, he just doesn’t want it to be too rough on his wallet, which is very understandable. As I’ve told you, I got all the furniture in january. I worked at a furniture store, so I got a lot of discount, which was great! I also learned quite a few things that can come in handy for you guys, so I thought I make a little list of my best remodeling tips!

– Be smart when it comes to timing of your furniture shopping!!! Seriously. I was totally flabbergasted every single time I sold a couch from the months february-may, and september-december. I just wanted to scream to the customers “What’s wrong with you?? There’s always a huge sale in january, and a huge summer sale from june-august!! You’ll get this couch for at least 20% off if you just wait a couple of months!!!”. I mean, I can’t believe that people don’t think about that! Every single piece of furniture is always so much cheaper during the sale. Furniture is a big investment, and most of the time something that isn’t needed asap. Therefore, be smart everyone, and try to wait until the sale to buy new pieces. If you desperately need a couch, I’m sure someone has one you can borrow until you get your new one. Big money can be saved!

– Realize that you can’t receive the new pieces the same day that you order it! OK, fine, maybe at Ikea.. But most places, things needs to be ordered, especially couches. Always have in mind that you’ll probably have to wait at least 8 weeks for your new couch, and sometimes as long as 16 weeks. Especially the Italian couches take forever to receive. Always have that in mind. My dining room chairs that I ordered in January actually just arrived a few days ago. So it’s important to be aware of that. I saw so many people who bought couches they really didn’t want, just because it was in stock. Not a good remodeling move! If you want a new dining room table to be ready for Christmas (very common as people want new tables for christmas parties, new year’s ++), I’d order it at least in September.

– Always check online stores before buying anything in the store! What I love about online stores, is that they don’t have the same expenses as regular stores. This means that they can offer much better deals! I think I’ll be ordering from interiø and Ellos also offers a lot of cute and super cheap decorating pieces.

Pieces from Ellos (ad link).

– Find a theme! I think it’s very important to have a theme in your apartment. Personally, I prefer to have two or three themes, because I really don’t like it when everything is super matchy matchy. The theme I’ll be going for is modern meets shabby chic meets love. The last one sounds cliché, but I promise it’ll be cool!! I have some amazing ideas, can’t wait to show you!!!

– Paint! This must be one of the easiest ways to completely change your apartment. Personally I love white walls. Our apartment has a wooden panel on every wall, and that doesn’t work for me.. Poor boyfriend, he has to paint it all while I’m in NY, haha. But seriously, painting your place can make such a difference!! I’m obsessed with all white walls, and one wall in a completely different color. Imagine a completely white apartment, with one black wall with lots of white shelfs on it. So cool!!

– Ask furniture stores for damaged items. I was soo lucky with this one! The store where I worked got a shipment of cute coffee tables, but the paint was so bad, they couldn’t sell them. I got it for free, and my mom painted it in a glossy white, and now it’s perfect!! My mom and dad bought the prettiest dining room table ever, but there was something wrong with the hooks underneath, so they got a new one. I talked my boss into letting me keep the old one, and fixing it was sooo easy! 15.000kr saved!  Of course it’s different since I worked there, but if you ask for damaged furniture, you can probably get a reeeally good price, but just make sure that the damage is fixable before you buy it! The stores actually prefer to sell those items, because it costs so much to throw it away (container space), so you can get a really good deal on this one! Remember to ask if they have something in the back, the damaged pieces are most often not displayed in the store.

Our dining room table.. I won’t be using these chairs though.

– Be creative! Want a walk in closet, but can’t afford all the supplies? Be creative! Buy a super cheap wooden broom, detach the stick, paint it white/black/silver/gold and hang it across your wall. There are so many creative solutions you can do, the sky is the limit!

The chairs we got.. Love them!!

Use accessories and books as decoration! If you have a dress you simply love, get a bustier and have it on display in your apartment! I’ll definitely be doing this with my new dress from Barneys (which you’ll get to see later tonight). I’ll have it in my walk in closet, like a piece of art! If you have a favorite necklace, hang it on your wall! If you don’t wear it a lot but just think it’s pretty, frame it and hang it in your living room! I want to get a vintage pearly Chanel necklace just so I can frame it and have it over the dining room table. Also, books is a great way to decorate your place! Go to a flea market and find lots of old and pretty books, and stack them on your coffee table! I just think it’s so cute..

Did you like my tips? :)

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Something New For The Apartment

I can’t wait to decorate our new apartment when I come home!! So excited. After 5 years together, me and my boyfriend will finally move in together. All the furniture was bought in February (well prepared), and all that’s missing now is painting the whole place white, and getting lots of decoration. I want my home to be super personal, no minimalistic crap. I want pictures everywhere, and a super cosy atmosphere! I want it to be filled with pillows, balloons, pictures ++. I found these super sized postcards the other day, and was thinking I could get some super cute frames, and hang them in my walk in closet. Won’t that be cute?!

And I just had to get this one. Haha. I probably won’t use it, but is was too funny not to get.

By the way, I’ve been getting a lot of emails from girls who want to buy my nastygal jacket. I’m adding it to my sales blog, but just know that shipping from the US will be pricey! And you have to bid fast, because if I’m not sending it to one of you I need to send it back asap so that I’ll get the refund :) You can find my sales blog here.

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