Project Walk In Closet

So all day has gone to this walkin closet project, and I thought it turned out perfect! The ceiling is really high, so we figured we should take advantage of that.. It was really easy, we just ordered these metal tubes or whatever they’re called, and attached them to the wall. We had to have one in the middle too so they won’t break, even though that was not a part of my plan.. Oh well, I guess it’s no big deal.. Anyways, this is how it turned out;

I can’t wait to hang all my clothes there!! And I need to order one of those things they have in clothing stores, you know those sticks with the thing on the end, so I can reach the clothes on top.. What a good description! But you know what I mean.. I’ll have shelfs on the wall on the side with all my shoes and bags, and I really think it’ll be perfect!

My new dress <3

This is the opposite side of the room..

Speaking of interior, I woke up to this this morning… I guess this is what you get when you have boys over #TrulsSucks

I’ll show you the result when I’ve hung all my clothes up, which I can tell you will be quite a project..

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Living Room Love

It’s been a while wince I posted anything about the apartment. I’m head over heels in love with it, but the walkin closet isn’t done yet, so I thought I’d wait posting all the pictures till it’s done. However I thought I could show you the couch area, as a lot of you have asked where everything’s from, especially the pillows. I’ll show you the full living room when everything’s done. So here you go lovelies;

The pillows are from (from left); Ikea, H&M Home, Ikea in the middle again, H&M Home and then Ikea at the end again. The gray blanket that’s hanging over the couch on the left side is from Living, and the blanket on the right side is from Ikea :)

The couch, table and the carpet is from Living. The couch is actually a fold out couch, so we have storage space under the whole left side. Genius!!

The back.. I absolutely adore the fabric of the couch! So happy that we decided to take a chance and order it in a different fabric than displayed in the store..

The books on the table are from Shopbop, the candles from Ikea and the candle tray or whatever it’s called is also from Living :)

This is what it used to look like.. Haha.

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Dream Bedroom; Check

I’m head over heels in love with our new bedroom! You can’t even imagine how insanely nice it felt falling asleep in this dream bed last night after a long day, with the most handsome man on the planet by my side.. J’adore!!

Pillows; H&M Home, Living and Ikea, Chandelier: Living :)

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You guys! I think I’ve peaked happiness-wise. I simply can’t imagine me getting any happier than this, ever!! Everything’s perfect!! Yesterday we moved in to our new house, and it was everything I’d ever wanted and more! It’s so perfect, I love it. It feels like a home, and not just a house, which is so important. My evening yesterday was spent in my couch with this ahead of me; the company of my wonderful sister, her boyfriend, Bella and my own boyfriend..

How freakin’ adorable is Bella?? Cute enough that I forgive her for pooping on my new floor…

Our guests brought us beautiful flowers and a bottle of white wine.. Guess who was happy?!?

This is the dining room by the way :)

Right now I’m getting ready for the second family dinner since we moved in! Jeez!! But I’m super excited though, my boyfriend’s fam is coming over and I can’t wait to show them everything! I’m making chicken salad and muffins, so I better get to it! If the salad comes out good I’ll share the recipe!! :) I hope that every single one of my readers are as happy as I am right now <3

Btw; I’m thinking of selling my Miu Miu bag.. I simply don’t use it.. It’s becoming incredibly pretty decoration.. Email me if you’re interested :) I’ll probably be adding it to the sales blog later..

Btw 2: Giveaway later!!! Stay tuned lovelies :)

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Our Place

Guys!! I’m so so so excited!!! We’re moving in today!! There’s still a lot of small things that needs to be done, but I thought I’d show you some (many) sneak peeks.. I love love love it!! A lot of you are asking me if my boyfriend doesn’t think it’s too girly, but he really doesn’t care.. I think he loves it just as much as I do. The only thing he wants to change is changing our TV for a huge one.. Boys.. Anyways, sneak peeks!!

A lot of candles are mandatory..

I think this is my favorite piece of furniture in our whole apartment. I just love it!! (Notice how I’m saying ‘our’ and not ‘my’ *patting myself on the back*)

The dining room..

Kitchen.. <3

The bathroom..

This candle is amazing, it has the best smell of vanilla. I found it at Kremmerhuset (I bought 15 so I won’t run out in a while, haha)

I love orchids!

And I of course got matching guest towels and a bath math.. Apartment nazi where?!?

Matching glasses and a soap container.. I also got a matching trash bin.. Haha. From Kremmerhuset!

Candles in the bathroom is obviously also a necessity..

Pillows <3 I adore pillows!!! These are from Ikea and H&M Home.

What do you call this in English, an ottoman? It’s from Living.

The bedroom.. The bed is gonna look amazeballs!! Hopefully I’ll get my new sheets from H&M Home today, they sure take their time, H&M… Not that I’m impatient or anything..

Okay so I’m totally dying after showing you before pictures!! I thought I’d wait until I have better pictures of the whole place, but I just have to share one little picture. I feel kinda bad, because the person living there at the time didn’t get to clean the house before the pictures, haha. So it’s a mess!! But anyway, the difference!! THE DIFFERENCE!!!

Now I’m off to do even more interior shopping, haha. After spending over 3000kr on food (!) yesterday, my wallet is begging me to stop this horrible spending. But I just can’t contain myself! More roses, wine and a little somethin’ somethin’ else is on the menu! Later I’m throwing my first house warming dinner, for my sister and her boyfriend. I’m so excited!! I feel like I’m about to burst!!!!!

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Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I’m on love with this huge mirror.. I have no place to have it, but I’ll have it in the ceiling if I have to, it’s so pretty..

My boyfriend and I are sort of exhausted right now, after over a month of remodeling.. We’re almost finished, but I think a good dinner is in order! I’m making enchiladas, one of my favorites!! Have a great evening sweeties <3

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Fake It

I’ve completely fallen in love with my new fake roses from Ikea. I think they’re gorgeous! As I said in the previous post, I sort of despise fake flowers, but these are so pretty.. And just imagine how much I will save on not buying new ones every week!! Well, enough chit chat, here are the roses!

The white ones – 15kr each, I have 12

My table is from a flea market, which I’ve later painted..

The red ones – 19kr each, I have 12 of these too

I’m removing the head band, I just need to come up with a brilliant solution first..

The pool edge that surrounds the apartment is becoming more and more practical.. For those of you who doesn’t know, the apartment used to be a huge pool, and my dad built a house on top of it when we didn’t use the pool anymore (I mean, we live in Bergen..). I actually love it, because since the house is normal height from the outside and we step “down” into the “pool” when we go in, the ceiling is pretty high. I love myself a high ceiling. Buut the pool edge is still there, which is sort of unpractical because we can’t have cabinets and dressers against the walls.. But now I can have lots of flowers and picture frames on them, so I sort of love it :)

And here’s another sneak peek of the apartment.. I love it! It’s so light and bright! But still a lot of tools laying around though.. I seriously can’t wait to show you the before pictures, the difference is bananas!!

I’m definitely going back to buy loads more flowers.. I want the white bouquet in my kitchen (I really need to learn to say “our” haha), and the red one on the dining room table.. But I also want one in my walkin closet as well as in the bedroom.. And on the coffee table.. Jeez, my (our) apartment is gonna look like a big fat fake botanical garden when I’m done with it..

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I’m In Love..

..with my new kitchen!! It’s so perfect!!! It’s exactly how I imagined it, only much prettier!! I wish I had a before picture to show you, but unfortunately I don’t :/ But I have before pictures of the rest of the apartment, and trust me, you’re gonna laugh when you see the difference!! Anyways, imagine this; A kitchen with blue doors and drawers with yellow flowers painted all over them!! Hahaha. And the bench was in some kind of pine color.. Well, this is how it looks now;

I’m in the process of washing all the glasses and plates before placing them in the cabinets, so that’s why there’s wine and champagne glasses all over the place.. :) Anyways, I absolutely love the result!!!

The knobs are from Home&Cottage, and the marble bench is from Obs Bygg (fancy, haha). Everything’s painted in high gloss white, and we have an almost white floor from

These cute cups are from Living.

I can’t decide if I love or hate these glasses, but I think I love them. They’re hand painted, from Living. The popcorn and candy bowls are from Traktøren, but I think they have them everywhere :)

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Sneak Peek

Hiiiiii superstars!! I’m the happiest girl in the world!! Woho. We just picked up all of our furniture, and I love everything so much!!!!! Seriously, I just know that the apartment is gonna be perfect!!!! Here are a few sneak peeks;

An antique dresser. I love it so much!! You know how I love contrasts in my outfits, and I’m exactly the same with furniture. The apartment is pretty modern looking now with all white walls, white ceiling and almost white floor, so this antique look is absolutely perfect to create a little edge.

The dining room chairs! Need I say that I love those too? The buttons just make them look so pretty!! And they’re so comfortable, and I love that they’re high in the back.

The TV bench. It’s in black metal or something, and I think it creates the perfect balance to all the girly stuff in the apartment. My boyfriend chose this one, and I think it’s nice that he has a say too. I think it’s super cool.

Some pillows I’ve gathered, mostly from H&M Home and Ikea. I also have more from Living and I’ve ordered even more from H&M Home online (you can find the store here, they have such pretty stuff). I’m having all white cushions in the couch, but in the bed I’ll have a mix of both white and black cushions, as the chandelier that goes on top of the bed is in an antique black finish.

By the way, everything is stored in my parent’s house for now, so everything you see in the background is not or apartment.. Just so you know :)

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