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– The girl behind the blog – 

Hi there, and thank you for stopping by my blog. My name is Cathrine Heienberg, and I’ve been running this personal style blog for over six years.  I live in Bergen/Norway, and while blogging full-time I published my first book, «Selvskryt – Bli din egen heiagjeng!» last year, which is a positive and feel good book for all girls and women who feel like the perfection pressure is a bit much to handle sometimes. The book went straight to the best seller list the first week, which was huge for me.

Read more about my book in the My Book-category.

Today I’m still blogging full-time, but I also have a job as Head of Social Media for some of Bergens prettiest clothing stores. I update their blog every single day with new content, and I also manage and assist use of Facebook and Instagram, as well as planning events. It’s my dream job, and you can check out the blog here.

 My everyday life is hectic, filled with positivity and gratitude, surrounded by pretty clothes and girly things, and not to mention lived to the fullest.

My blog was born when I, as a restless 20-years old, decided to take a leap of faith and move to New York City. I didn’t know anyone there, and the two months I spent there was the adventure of a lifetime. The name; ‘Cath in the City’ seemed fitting, but my original plan was to stop blogging once I came home. Well, that didn’t happen.. Here I am, more than six years later, and those six years have been filled with amazing opportunities, fun projects, lots of travels, and of course, a ton of blog posts.

To me, blogging is all about sharing my passions. I love fashion, but I’m no slave for trends. My style is very feminine, preferably with an edgy contrast. Another passion of mine is traveling, which I think is one of the most fun things to blog about. Other subjects that often pop up on the blog revolve around beauty, food and general tips. I’m a positive soul, and I love to share anything that can make my readers smile.

In addition to the passion for fashion and everything girly, I’m an ambitious person and I’m always on the look-outs for new projects to work on. Through my blog I’ve gotten the opportunity to be a guest designer for the bag brand MOO, I’ve written my very own monthly fashion column in one of Norway’s biggest newspapers, I’ve been a fashion show director for the UN, and worked as a freelance journalist based in New York, just to name a few. I’m currently working on getting my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Leadership, which I find incredibly fun and giving. Through my blog I’ve gotten a lot of experience in the marketing world already, and not to mention gotten a great network in the business.

I hope you like my blog and that you’ll visit again. Lots of love, Cath♥

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